Discord Voice Chat for Gamers App for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Almost over 250 million gamers use Discord app around the World. Discord is a cross-platform app specifically designed for gamers so they can do text, video and voice chat with each other. In Discord there are tons of gaming communities. You can chose or make one according to your desire. In which your team mates, friends and squad members can participate as well.

Discord Voice Chat for Gamers App for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Discord Voice Chat for Gamers App for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus


Discord provides you the ability to start a group chat for everything very easily no matter whether you play FPS, RPG, Battle Royal and MOBA or if you want to follow streamers or esports. You can start a chat for whatever your gaming clan want to talk about. You can create secure chat channels for playing games with friends, you can find teammates, organize squads and LFG.

Discord is the best app for gamers and here it is why…

Discord Offers Live Voice and Text Chat for Gamers


For all your gaming needs you can Message, call, and chat with your friends in real-time by using Discord. You can coordinate everything from play sessions for Apex Legends to discussing League of Legends game Meta, and organizing CS: GO team events to meme about Hearthstone. You can upload your own images and gifs as well.

Options for Private and Public Chat


Discord got you covered whether you are making a chat server for your personal PUBG Mobile squad or a big online Dota 2 coaching community. You can Start a group chat in a secret invite-only clan or even start a public channel that anyone can join. You can DM friends 1-on-1 if you want as well. Discord lets you participate in as many servers as you like.

Discord Chat Servers Provides Instant Invite Links


Once your teammates open your unique server link they’ll instantly be added to your voice or text chat group so you can immediately start playing games, organizing World of Warcraft raids and trash talking your Rocket League buddies. You can say Inviting friends to talk is as simple as copy/pasting a link.

Member Roles and Server Tools


You can tidy up conversations by adding topic-based channels within each server and assign roles to members if you want to give them special permissions or mod powers. You can also sort specific clan members into groups that you can message all at once with a single tag. Discord is full of tools to help you organize your guilds however you like.

Discord’s Community Management

Discord is the preferred communication app of game developers, Reedit communities, Twitch streamers, YouTube content creators, and countless other gaming-related interest groups to post news, polls, giveaways, and discussion topics for their thousands of followers. The most amazing thing about this app is that Groups of all sizes thrive on Discord.

Controls for Push Notification

You want to be notified when someone DMs or tags you to play over watch, but not when there’s a big debate about theory crafting in your MTG Arena group? That’s really simple and easy with Discord’s detailed server notification settings, which give you complete control over what types of messages you get alerted for.

Download Discord Voice Chat for Gamers App for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

You will find millions of Discord servers that have been created so far with rich communities and tight-knit guilds formed around numerous games and interests. No need to waste time in waiting guys. You can download Discord App for your Samsung Galaxy S10 right now by just pressing the download button given above.

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