Cyber Hunter PUBG Alternative Game for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Cyber Hunter is a competitive sandbox next generation android mobile game. It is an action packed battle royal style game, which is loaded with different elements like shooting, survival, skills exploration and much more. Players even can do parkour which makes Cyber Hunter, the brand new gaming experience for mobile gamer’s. Which they never have experienced before in any other mobile game.

Cyber Hunter PUBG Alternative Game for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Cyber Hunter PUBG Alternative Game for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Cyber Hunter game revolves around a futuristic story when human civilization becomes extremely advance in revolutionary technologies after inventing brain computer interfacing system. But in this process great event begun to happen. The forces of conservatism started to clash with radicalism. The older’s are standing against the newer ones. And justice faces off against evil. In simple, this virtual world is on the verge of collapse.

Ultimate Survival Experience


In Cyber Hunter game you have to fight with other online players in under extreme conditions and terrains in order to survive. The maps included in this game aren’t only maps. They are virtual worlds where you can fly, can go underground and have unique and amazing super powers to defeat other players. Cyber Hunter is one of the best PUBG alternative games you can play. And the good thing is that this game offer’s some awesome element which you will not find in even PUBG itself.

Extreme Character Customization


In Cyber Hunter mobile game you can customize your character however you want. From hair colors, hair styles to body type, skin and eye colure you can change everything according to your will. Then you have dozens of clothes whom again you can customize and change if you want. This customization’s feature gives users freedom of just like open world games. Where you can play with full control.

Destructive and Creative Weapons


Cyber Hunter game enables you to use futuristic weapons and you can craft their skins and colors by yourself if you want. Every weapon has a different damage rate and ability. You can use them according to situations. There is an immense collection of guns, bombs and some other unique but destructive weapons which you can use against your opponent. With good weapons in hand you can crush any enemy in Cyber Hunter mobile game.

Collection of Stunning Vehicles


Cyber hunter mobile game includes cars, bikes and many futuristic rides like flaying skate boards and hovercrafts which you have never even imagine. Driving those things is fun. The mechanics of the vehicles are extremely good and the controls are responsive. You never expect that especially form the game which is still in kind of under development process. Also the developer’s team will include even more variety of weapons, vehicles and other essentials of the game in future updates.

Parkour Experience and Other Skills


Let’s talk about now the most interesting and amazing element of Cyber Hunter. Which separates it from other mobile games, the parkour. With that you can climb on any surface and hurdles coming in your way more quickly. So you got time to aim and fire with your gun if you are struck by an ambush of enemies. Also it really gives you the feel like you are a special character. Because after climbing up by doing parkour in Cyber Hunter game you can glide down like a super hero.

Download Cyber Hunter PUBG Alternative Game for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

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Cyber Hunter
Cyber Hunter
Developer: NetEase Games
Price: Free+

Cyber Hunter is a whole new world to explore for mobile gamer’s. This game can run smoothly on any android version without any stuttering or lag. Cyber Hunter game is available to download for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. You can press the download button above to get your hands on this amazing battle royal game.

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