5 Cool Things You Can Do With Your Samsung Galaxy S10 Phone

Samsung Galaxy S10 family is a feature rich phone. You can do much more with this phone than you could ever do with a typical smartphone. You can capture professional photos with this phone, thanks to its multi-lens camera. In addition to that, you can play powerful games and get next level gaming experience from a smartphone like never before.

But want to do more with your Samsung Galaxy S10 phone? We have you covered. This post will highlight some surprising functions and some really cool things that you can do with your Samsung Galaxy S10. So set back and grab your phone as this is going to be really exciting.

5 Cool Things You Can Do With Your Samsung Galaxy S10 Phone

5 Cool Things You Can Do With Your Samsung Galaxy S10 Phone

Here’s a roundup of 5 cool things that you can do with your Samsung Galaxy S10.

1. Turn Yourself into An Emoji

5 Cool Things You Can Do With Your Samsung Galaxy S10 Phone

You might have heard lots of boasting from Apple users, but with the Samsung Galaxy S10 being introduced in the market, Animoji has got competition. Thanks to the dual built-in camera in the Samsung Galaxy S10 that allows you to turn your face into a lifelike emoji. This is the feature called 3D AR Emoji that makes a cute emoji of your own that you can customize according to your style with a simple few taps. The best thing about this feature is that it can mimic your actions like your smile, wink or funny faces for an added fun element.

2. Charge Other Devices with PowerShare

How to Charge Other Devices with Galaxy S10 Wireless Powershare?

This one is the most popular and yet the most-selling feature of the Samsung Galaxy S10 devices that allows other devices to be charged. Thanks to the PowerShare that allows the Samsung Galaxy S10 to actually become the charging pad for the other devices or gadgets that are running low on power. Not to mention, a new wireless charging 2.0 that makes wireless charging just as fast as wired and allows the smartphone to last longer than ever.

3. Go faster With 5G Connectivity

Ever craved for high-speed internet to save your precious time? Thanks to the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G that will allow you to zip through web pages and online apps at an amazing rate. Interesting, right?

4. Use it As A Secret Voice Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder Without Beep for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, S8, S9, S10

Well, this one is a new thing that needs an app to work, but it is really worth it. Whether you are looking to prove a point or simply want to record a cute conversation for future reference, Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones have you covered. All you need is to download and install this app called Smart Recorder or you can use its built-in voice recording feature for the high-quality recording.

5. Go Swimming

You can actually go take a dip or go completely without an umbrella in a thunderstorm, thanks to the IP68 dust and water resistance for the Samsung Galaxy S10 family. This means you can literally go swimming with this phone in your pocket (although we don’t recommend it).

Which cool thing you are going to do with your Samsung Galaxy S10 family? Let us know in the comments section below.

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