Samsung Announced Galaxy Note 7 Pricing & Availability in USA

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Edge Announced Features Specs Availability in USA

Samsung has announced the new Galaxy Note 7 as promised for August 2 Samsung’s unpacked event, the Note 7 Edge blends the best features of its Note line with the best features of its S7 series launched earlier this year. The Note 7 has a dual-curved display and iris scanner and is water resistant. It will come in three colors in the US when it hits stores on August 19th: silver, black, and a unique, light blue that Samsung calls “Blue Coral.” It has IRIS eye scanner and fingerprint sensors for locking / unlocking the device. [...]  Read More

6 Unique Tips & Tricks To Master Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The two Samsung flagships of 2016 are out for a long time. And I am sure there are millions of people out there who crave for these phones and among them there are some who already have got one. No doubt that these two smartphones i.e; Samsung Galaxy S7 & Galaxy S7 Edge come with the number of amazing features but still most of the people have no idea about them. [...]  Read More

8 Best Bluetooth Galaxy S7 Earphones Sports Excellent Bass

Best Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Earphones For Samsung Galaxy S7 and Edge
Music during exercise is a great compliment, most of the people enjoy listening to their favorite music tracks while on running or during their gym hours. That creates sweat on the body and thus you need to have those earphones which are lightweight, easy to carry and sweat proof / water proof. Today at S7 Fan Club, we are covering Best Samsung Galaxy S7 & Edge Sports Bluetooth Earphones.

 [...]  Read More

Real Waterproof Test Video of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Waterproof Test Video

Since Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge are Samsung’s waterproof mobile phones. S7 Fan Club has conducted a short test to proof whether Galaxy S7 Edge is really waterproof or not? Samsung claims that Galaxy S7 or Edge can survive for more than 30 minutes inside the water (having IP68 rating for water and dust resistance) and you can take pictures inside swimming pool with your waterproof samsung galaxy s7 or edge. [...]  Read More