List of 9 Best Galaxy S7 Power Banks Which Are Portable

Best Galaxy S7 Power Banks Portable Chargers

Prior to this article S7 Fan Club has listed down Galaxy S7 & Galaxy S7 Edge Battery Cases. Now today we are covering Best Galaxy S7 Power Banks. If you are planning for an outdoor vacation with your family and kids. Power banks are must these days. You can do number of things with power banks. They are basically portable external usb chargers which are rechargeable and have the capability to charge multiple devices at the same time. [...]  Read More

Galaxy S7 Edge 256 GB MicroSD Card With 4K Video Recording

Galaxy S7 Edge MicroSD Card 256 GB EVO Plus Samsung

Samsung has the real deal here by introducing a  that is capable to record 4K videos without any pause or break. It can be used with Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge and Note 6. It offers 95 megabytes per second of read speed and 90 megabytes per second for writing, making it the perfect card for recording 4K HD video. While some folks might be watering at the mouth at the thought of this thing in their phones (which is totally supported in most modern devices), Samsung’s likely aiming this card at the crowd which wants to record 360-degree video on the Samsung Gear 360. [...]  Read More

Samsung Beats Apple in USA With Galaxy S7 & Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 Beats Apple iPhone in USA United States

Samsung’s recent ride on results these last few years has been a right roller coaster. Having cemented its dominance in the Android market place very early on, the electronics giant began to falter with its Galaxy S5 hardware in 2014. Things began to improve with the S6 last year. 2016 however, is proving to be a proper return to form thanks to the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. [...]  Read More

Real Waterproof Test Video of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Waterproof Test Video

Since Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge are Samsung’s waterproof mobile phones. S7 Fan Club has conducted a short test to proof whether Galaxy S7 Edge is really waterproof or not? Samsung claims that Galaxy S7 or Edge can survive for more than 30 minutes inside the water (having IP68 rating for water and dust resistance) and you can take pictures inside swimming pool with your waterproof samsung galaxy s7 or edge. [...]  Read More

10 Best Wireless Galaxy S10 Game Controllers / Joystick / Gamepads

10 Best Wireless Galaxy S7 Galaxy S8 Game Controllers

Samsung Fan Club had covered up many Cool Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus smartphones. Today we are coming up with list of Best Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Controllers (Gamepads) that are compatible with Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+ and any other Android or Apple iOS iPhone. Cross compatibility of these wireless gamepads / controllers help to play multiplayer games even on cross platforms. [...]  Read More