iPhone 11 Pro Max vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, Which One is Winner?

Just recently at an event Apple has officially said that we can expect iPhone 11 Pro to be launched till 20th September, which is almost a week ahead. On the other hand Samsung’s new flagship smartphone Galaxy Note 10 Plus has already been launched some weeks ago. With iPhone 11 Pro launch date being confirmed by Apple, we all will surely going to see the battle of these two giant smartphone brands once again. In today’s post we will be comparing both flagship devices Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 Plus to see which one is better. [...]  Read More

5 Reasons Why Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus Easily Beats Apple iPhone 11 Pro

The specs and features which iPhone 11 Pro brings seems superior on paper if you compare them with what Samsung’s new flagship smartphone Galaxy Note 10 Plus offers. Despite the facts that iPhone 11 has introduce the most powerful processor till this date first time in a smartphone, larger battery and much improved cameras from their last years smartphone, Galaxy Note 10 Plus still easily beats iPhone 11 in 5 ways. Which shows that launch of iPhone 11 does not means game over for Note 10 Plus. [...]  Read More

How To Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus?

Taking a screenshot on newly released Samsung’s Flagship smartphones Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus is extremely easy. The amazing thing is that there are many ways to do that. There are almost seven methods to take a screenshot on Galaxy Note 10 and 10 Plus. You can choose any of the method because all of them produce more or less the same result. Below in this post we have mentioned all of the seven methods with instructions for your convenience. Now let’s begin on how to take a screenshot on Android Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10 Plus. [...]  Read More

Galaxy Note 10 Offers New Samsung DeX Features with Mac & Windows PC

Samsung DeX enables you to run all your Android Apps of Galaxy Note 10 in a desktop like experience. It is one of the coolest features which Samsung Galaxy flagship smartphones offer. Before the launch of Note 10 an external display which accepts video input was required for using Samsung DeX. But Now Samsung has specifically made a desk client for  smartphone. Which allows you to use Samsung DeX on top of Windows and macOS as well. It is a pretty use full feature for Galaxy Note 10 users. [...]  Read More

Samsung Galaxy M30s to Have a Monster Size Battery of 6000mAh

A half yearly refresh is planned by the south Korean Giant Samsung for its Galaxy M and Galaxy A series smartphones. In which they will attach “S” Suffix to the devices and also do some improvements in certain areas. Just recently Samsung has announced their new line up of Galaxy A30s, Galaxy A10s and Galaxy A50s smartphones. Some sources are claiming that now Samsung is soon going to launch a latest smartphone with massive 6,000 mAh battery. [...]  Read More

Samsung Android 10 Update with One UI 2.0 Might Be Leaked Online

Just recently, an eleven minutes long video has been leaked in which Android 10 is running on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus smartphone. The video is revealed by a Brazilian YouTuber Dudu Rocha. In which he has done a comparison on how much One UI 2.0 on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is different from One UI 1.0 of Samsung S9 Plus. However this is not 100% conformed that it is legitimate because the notification of SecurityLogAgent can be spotted. Which means that a non-official binary is running on the device. [...]  Read More