How To Remove Android Duplicate Contacts in Samsung Phones?

How To Remove Android Duplicate Contacts in Samsung Phones?

Duplicate contacts might seem the huge deal of mess in the phones and besides this, they can make life inconvenient in any app where communicating with others is involved. You can end up your conversation with the wrong person or even message to someone’s old number. There are a number of different applications with which you need to access your contact list, but duplicate contacts can create a mess for you. so it is very necessary to remove duplicate contacts from your android phone whether you are using the Samsung Android Phone or any other mobile device. [...]  Read More

Download Tutu App [3.4.2] – Get Paid Apps for Free on Android Samsung Phones

You might have attracted towards using hacks, if you want to make locating and catching elusive Pokemon easier for you. Because without hacks it requires a lot of wounding around in the city. Without a doubt with hacks you can take your Pokemon GO experience on the next level. The only problem is that you can not get this convenience for free. It is the only downside of helpful Android Apps, they usually requires you to pay high price. Only then you can use them on your smartphone. [...]  Read More

How to Enable FaceTime Video Calling on Android Samsung Mobile Phones?

First of all sadly, no Android user can use FaceTime since Apple has developed this video telephony product and they have made it exclusive only for their own devices. So basically you are out of luck if you want to use FaceTime on Android. But as you know that this article is about having FaceTime for Android not about Apple’s FaceTime.  There are some ways, with them you can get similar experience and functionalities as FaceTime on your Android Samsung smartphone. [...]  Read More

Guide to Setup Roadrunner Email Client on Android Samsung Phones

The Time Warner Cable Internet service provider provides you an email service, which is known as the Roadrunner email. There are chances that you have been given a Roadrunner email account, if you are using this ISP. You can access your Roadrunner email account by using an email client or through web-mail (browser) from your Samsung Android smartphone. In this guide we will explain the whole procedure of how you can setup Roadrunner email client via your Android Samsung Mobile device[...]  Read More

20 Best Tips & Tricks to Customize Samsung Galaxy Note10+ Smartphone

For the company Samsung, Galaxy Note 10 Series (which includes Note 10 Plus and the Note 10 Plus 5G) is doing great so far. With its performance on all fronts, this powerhouse device has impressed a lot of people since its launch. You should learn some great tips to get more out of your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, if you are using this beast as your smartphone. In this post we will be discussing about how you can unlock the Galaxy Note 10 Plus hidden features with bunch of cool Galaxy Note 10 tips, tricks, and settings. [...]  Read More

Google Chrome 77 Lets You Share Web Pages with Android Smartphones

A stable version 77 of Chrome has been rolled out recently by Google. In this version Google also has introduced two new features, which are ability to share web pages across various devices including Android smartphones and a revamped download menu. In the past these features were hidden inside of the Google Chrome’s experimental flags options, that’s why they are not exactly as new. But now you don’t need to enable them from any flags, since they are already available on the generic platform. [...]  Read More

How to Enable Dark Theme Mode on Samsung Galaxy S10+ & Note10+?

On smartphones with AMOLED displays Black Themes helps a lot to save battery. A built in dark mode comes in android 10 though you need to turn it On/Off manually. In today’s post we will be talking about a new Android App named as Automatic Dark theme, it enables users to set a dark theme on their Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus or Note 10 Plus smartphone based on time. Automatic Dark Theme works pretty well since, essentially it is stock Android. For Samsung latest flagship smartphones this Android App is also available in beta version. [...]  Read More

How to Take Screenshot via Restricted Android Apps on Galaxy S10+ & Note10+?

You can learn how to take a screenshots in many restricted Android Apps such as Chrome’s Incognito browsing, secured Facebook pages, Tor Browser and in various popular video streaming apps, from this guide. You could found some important content while browsing a web page in Incognito mode and you simply want a screenshot of it for whatever reason. It will be a big disappointment if the admin haven’t allowed to do that. You will face this same issue if you try to take a screenshot from Tor browser. [...]  Read More

How to Turn ON/OFF Double Tap / Lift to Wakeup on Galaxy S10 & Galaxy Note10 Plus?

Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus are the latest flagship smartphones of Samsung. They are loaded with tons of new features and powerful hardware. With this kind of specs, the company has ditched the traditional home buttons to come up with such a beautiful aesthetic for their Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note Plus. Since these smartphones were launched recently, a lot of people have no idea about how to on/off double tap to wake up on their Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus. [...]  Read More

How to Boot Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ to Download / Recovery Mode?

You must be familiar with certain basics, if you are one of the owners of the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10 Plus. Including the Volume Up/Down and a side button which also works as a Bixby button and can be used to power on the device when it’s switched off, the Galaxy Note 10 and the Note 10 Plus have just 3 hardware buttons in total. We will be discussing the functions of the Note 10 buttons and key combinations in today’s post as well, so you must read this post till the very end. [...]  Read More