Download WhatsApp Business App for Android Samsung Phones

Whatsapp mobile business app download android samsung phones

After the success of WhatsApp for the socializing purpose, the Facebook-owned company has officially launched the WhatsApp Business App that was the focus of tech news for the past few months. The WhatsApp Business App is officially launched on the Google Play Store for the Android users and the businessmen so that they can connect with their customers and clients in a better and more organized way. [...]  Read More

Download Samsung One Hand Operation+ Gesture Control App for Android Phones

Not long ago One Hand Operation+ App was released by Samsung on Google Play Store, with this App you can now use your Android phone or Tablet easily with only thumb. Thin gesture handles will be added to the left and right side of the screen, the moment you will set the function. By swiping this handle, defined functions will be executed. The default function is the Back button which most frequently used. You can also set various functions on horizontal, diagonal up and diagonal down direction gestures. [...]  Read More

Top 10 Best Animoji Memoji Android Apps for Samsung Phones

Every now and then Apple releases new features for its iPhone that every Android smartphone user wish were available for Android. In 2017 iPhone X comes loaded with a 3d animated message feature called Animoji. To replicate the facial movement of the user it uses the hardware of the iPhone’s front facing camera, with that it becomes easier to create talking and moving emoji recordings. Because of that Animoji’s are known as 3D emojis or animated emojis, to be honest it is a really cool feature to use. [...]  Read More

Top 5 Best Android Dual Apps to Run Multiple Apps on Samsung Phones

Top 5 Best Dual Apps to Run Multiple Apps on Galaxy S7 | S8 | S9 Plus | Note 8

Dual apps are those apps which let you run multiple similar apps or accounts of same app at similar time. You can also call it as App Cloner or Clone App. This feature is extremely useful if you have two accounts on same social media platform and you want to use both accounts at same time with same device. For instance we need to run two WhatsApp accounts on similar device, we will need to use Dual Apps to add this functionality to our Samsung Galaxy Phones. [...]  Read More

Top 10 Best Jarvis Virtual Assistant Like Android Apps for Samsung Phones

People who have watched iron man movies, exactly knows what Jarvis is. It is like a virtual voice assistance, which helps the main character of the movie tony stark to manage almost everything in his life. In real life you can also use virtual assistance Jarvis like Android Apps on your Samsung smartphone. You can consider these Apps as your personal assistance, they can make your life a lot easier by organizing your calls, events, scheduling your meetings and answering your queries. [...]  Read More

8 Free Android Spy Apps for Samsung Phones + Undetectable Phone Tracker

You must be aware of few things before you start reading our today’s post or try out the Android Apps mentioned below. Spying on someone is an illegal act, according to the law you could face serious trouble if you get caught doing that. There are Android Apps available which can spy or track someone’s activities. By using them you can keep eye on your kids that what they are doing on their Android phones, or if your partner is honest with you. Any how we will not be responsible if you get in any kind of trouble by using the following Apps. [...]  Read More

Top 115 Best Android Apps Collection for Samsung Phones

115 Best Apps Collection for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

We have been covering up tons of Samsung Android Apps which can be used to enhance your productivity. It is very difficult to search for best android apps for samsung phones, while there are many spam apps available in play store, which have received rankings and they are fake. Our mission is to do selective hand picked collection of best apps for samsung phones, although these apps will be compatible with almost all android smartphones / tablets. Prior to this article, we had covered up Best Accessories Collection For Samsung Galaxy S10, which are offered at 50% OFF for Black Friday, Christmas & New Year Vacations. Don’t miss them!! 🙂 [...]  Read More

25+ Best Free Movie Download & Online Movie Streaming Android Apps for Samsung Phones

Nowadays, movie streaming and downloading Apps for Android are just a few taps away, since the digital era has allowed us to use Apps for absolutely anything. To know how you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows legally on your Samsung smartphone, you must read this article. We will also share with you some Android Apps to download and stream latest Movies or TV shows. There are a lot of Android Apps available for watching movies on the internet but many of them don’t work up to the expectations. [...]  Read More