Top 5 Best Galaxy S10 Video Streaming Downloader Apps Collection

Best Video Streaming Apps Galaxy S7 Edge

Watching videos is a great fun. Isn’t it? Yes it is. If you are looking for the apps for your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus to stream videos online, then you seem to be at a right place. Today, with so much advancement in technology, watching videos online have been so much easy. One does not need to wait for the video to be downloaded and then watch it. [...]  Read More

How to Use Galaxy S7 As Wireless Mouse Touchpad & Keyboard For PC?

Top 3 Best Wireless Mouse, Keyboard, Presenter Apps Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

With the latest innovation in technology, you can now even do things that you haven’t imagined of doing before. Have you ever imagined controlling your laptop or PC by sitting on a distant cushion with the help of your smartphone? Nah? But now you can imagine as you can do it with the help of such smart apps. [...]  Read More

Top 5 Best Galaxy S10 Slow Motion & Reverse Video Apps

Best Reverse Video Apps Slow Motion Video Apps Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Slow motion and Reverse Videos are not just now limited to high end video cameras. With the increased use of Latest Smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S10, you can easily get this feature on your smartphone as well. If you are a Samsung Galaxy S10 plus user and want this feature on your mobile phone, then you need to read on to get this feature on your hand. [...]  Read More

Download 5 Best Galaxy S7 Ringtone Cutter & Audio Editor Apps

Download Best Ringtone Cutter and Audio Editing Apps for Samsung Galaxy S7 & Edge

Ringtones are the great part of Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge that are increasingly becoming popular among younger generation. This is because of the fact that without these ringtones, the phones becomes much boring and silent. With the increase of use of technology, Android app developers have constantly been working to provide you with all the things that you want. And of course, you can make your own ringtone too and adjust your favorite song into a ringtone with the help of their Ringtone maker and Ringtone Cutting apps. We had also covered up Stock Ringtones Collection for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge[...]  Read More

Download 5 Best Galaxy S10 Health and Fitness Apps

Best Health and Fitness Galaxy S7 Apps Collection

“Health is Wealth”, is rightly said by someone. This quote is somewhat true that if you are healthy only then you will be able to be wealthy. Now being healthy is not such an impossible thing. You can achieve your health by just using a single app on your phone. Yes, you have heard it right. Thanks to the improvements in the Sensors in our Samsung Galaxy S10 that these fitness apps are getting popular day by day. If you are GYM guy or girl, you might also love to check out Best Bluetooth EarBuds For Your GYM Routine[...]  Read More

5 Best Galaxy 10 Compass Qibla Direction Finder Apps Download

Best Qibla Direction Finder Apps Collection Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Have you ever imagined the need of compass to find the direction of Qibla, when you are at a new place? The importance of Qibla for Muslims cannot be denied. Muslims need to offer prayer by facing towards Qibla. And considering this, we need to find the direction of Qibla when we are at a new place. For this, with the help of the compass apps, we can find it easily. [...]  Read More