5 Best Galaxy 10 Compass Qibla Direction Finder Apps Download

Best Qibla Direction Finder Apps Collection Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Have you ever imagined the need of compass to find the direction of Qibla, when you are at a new place? The importance of Qibla for Muslims cannot be denied. Muslims need to offer prayer by facing towards Qibla. And considering this, we need to find the direction of Qibla when we are at a new place. For this, with the help of the compass apps, we can find it easily. [...]  Read More

Top 5 Best Galaxy S10 Pencil Sketch Apps Download

Best Top Rated Pencil Sketch Apps Collection Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

With the increased technology, the smartphones are becoming more and more powerful and they are creating the doors to unlock different talents too. There are a lot of art applications on the Play Store that are the great way through which you can show your creativity. But among them, the most common and popular ones are the Pencil Sketch Apps for Samsung Galaxy S10 that can turn your photos into pencil sketch. The Black and White pencil sketch can be generated of your photos with just a single tap. [...]  Read More

Download 5 Best Galaxy S7 Funny Pics & Meme Apps

Best Meme Generator Apps Funny Gag LOL Apps Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Memes! What comes in your mind when you think about them? Ummm, if you can’t escape them, join them. Memes are everywhere and that’s something just like the blessings of technology for having some fun. Now you can use your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to get entertaining memes right on your phone. They are funny and that’s the reason they are spread all around the internet. As the social media continues to grow in trend, so does the memes and that is why I am here to share the best tools through which you can generate them. [...]  Read More

Top 5 Best Galaxy S7 Face Wrap Video Apps Download

Best Funny Video Face Wrap Apps Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Download

Bored of making those random serious selfies and videos? Want to get rid of your boredom? Then try the Fun Face Warp Video Apps on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that will let you to create the funny look to your videos and to make people laugh. With these apps, you can give various experiments on your videos to turn them into hilarious and amusing ones. [...]  Read More

5 Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Funny Talking Apps Download

Best Funny Talking Apps Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Talking Tom Talking Angela

Surely, you have come across with the app like Talking Tom Cat for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. This app can help the users to change their voice in really fun manner. If you are looking for some other similar app, then you are the right place. This time, we will cover some of the best funny talking apps for Galaxy S7 like Talking Tom Cat that that can help you to change your voice in a funny manner. These apps talk back what ever you will say, in a funny voice tone. [...]  Read More

Download 5 Best Galaxy S10 Selfie Camera Apps

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Best Selfie Camera Apps Download

Well selfie trend have been in the world for a while but it is going so much viral among the people that the latest Samsung Galaxy S10 & Galaxy S10 Plus are here with the new technologies for improving the quality of selfies and an amazing front camera lens with selfie flash option. But even after having these features the selfie nerds are not completely satisfied. They need something more that can enhance their selfie experience. [...]  Read More

5 Beautiful & Best Galaxy S10 Weather Apps & Widgets

Best Weather Apps Widgets Beautiful Galaxy S7 Edge

One of the greatest uses of the Samsung Galaxy 10 Plus is that it predicts weather using it’s built in GPS and internet connectivity. This use of the Samsung Galaxy 10 has made it very easy for us to make our plans according to the weather predictions. Weather apps have revolutionized a lot from that of the first weather app that was used to predict weather conditions. [...]  Read More