Titanium TV Android APK [2.0.22] | Watch FREE Movies & TV Shows [Samsung Phones]

Latest Terrarium TV HD Movies APK For Galaxy S7 Edge / S8 / Note 8

With the replacement of smartphones in each and every field of life, the way we live have changed. Now Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phone users can even stream their favorite shows and movies on their phones without any hassle with Latest Titanium TV App. Among all the platforms, Android TV has always been grabbing attention since the time of its evolution. And for the same purpose, a number of Android TV apps are designed for the convenience of movie nerds and serial freaks. [...]  Read More

Xodo PDF Reader & Editor Android App for Samsung Phones

Xodo PDF Reader & Editor App for Galaxy S7 Edge, S8, S9, S10

PDFs have been around for almost three decades. That makes them one of the most old and prevalent file systems. The reason of their everlasting fame is that they combine text formatting and images into single file type and this type is capable enough to work universally across different operating systems and different devices. Though all email services, web browsers, applications and operating systems also allow you to view PDF, but that is not what they are designed for. [...]  Read More

Top 5 Best Android Office Apps: Word, Excel & PDF for Samsung Phones

Top 5 Best Android Office Apps: Word, Excel & PDF for Samsung Phones

If you are looking for the software that can help you in your office setting then for sure, the MS office suite is the best thing that you can have on your Android Samsung Phones. With the past few decades, the MS Office has made our work so much easier and convenient that with this software, now one can create word documents, analyzes spreadsheets, manage databases, and even can organize each and every aspect of life. so the importance of MS Office cannot be denied as a matter of fact it is adorable and have made our lives easier and flexible. [...]  Read More

Download Instagram Android App for Samsung Phones

Download Galaxy S7 Edge / S8+ / Note 8 Instagram Android App

Instagram is one of the most popular social media app on both the platforms – Android and iOS. This extremely popular application is used to share quick videos and pictures that require only a few touches and filters to share it with the world. Not only it has gained popularity because of its photo and video sharing thing, but its recent updates also added fun filters and face effects that have increased its popularity. [...]  Read More

Download WhatsApp Business App for Android Samsung Phones

Whatsapp mobile business app download android samsung phones

After the success of WhatsApp for the socializing purpose, the Facebook-owned company has officially launched the WhatsApp Business App that was the focus of tech news for the past few months. The WhatsApp Business App is officially launched on the Google Play Store for the Android users and the businessmen so that they can connect with their customers and clients in a better and more organized way. [...]  Read More

Download Arlo IP Camera WiFi App for Samsung Galaxy S10+ & Note10+

Download Arlo IP Camera WiFi App for Samsung Galaxy S10+ & Note10+

Just like smartphones, smart homes have also become the need of the hour. Not only our houses need the assistance of smart appliances but also they need a secured environment. Thanks to the WiFi cameras that are inexpensive and easy to set up as well. These cameras not only allow you to keep your home secure and safe but also lets you keep an eye on your baby’s room, ensure you that the basement isn’t flooded with water and your kitchen is safe from those little mice. [...]  Read More