5 Best Apps That Convert Videos to Other Formats on Galaxy S10+

Top 5 Best Apps To Convert Galaxy S7 / S8 / S8+ Videos to Other Formats

Converting the videos in different formats can be a tedious and the complex task ever. Thanks to the smartphones that allow us to play and the video converting apps that let us enjoy any kind and any format of the videos without any hassle. Whether it’s the MP4 format or AVI file, the WMV document or MOV, these video converting tools have got you covered. [...]  Read More

Top 6 Best Galaxy S10 Wallpaper Apps Download

Top 6 Best Galaxy S8 Wallpaper Apps Download

Finding great wallpapers and background for your mobile phone is a struggle, especially when you don’t have any tailored app for that purpose. You might end up using the only wallpaper for weeks and even months that you have in your phone as default wallpaper. I can imagine how boring this might be to stare at the same screen with same wallpaper thousands of times a day.Top 6 Best Galaxy S10 Wallpaper Apps Download [...]  Read More

Top 6 Best Galaxy S10 3D Launcher Apps Download

Top 5 Best Galaxy S8 3D Launcher Apps Download

When you get tired of looking at the same screen of your Samsung Galaxy S10, that is where the 3D launcher apps come to work. As a matter of fact, Android launcher apps have become an integral part of the Android experience as they offer the diverse set of experience for the users and provide a switch from their older and forever User Interface. [...]  Read More

Top 5 Best Galaxy S10 Lock Screen Apps Download

Top 5 Best Galaxy S7 / S8 Lock Screen Apps Download

The Samsung Galaxy S10 lock screen isn’t just screen for most of the people. It is an important navigational screen for some that can help them to improve their phone’s experience. Standard “slide to unlock” or a PIN code is fine, but there are tons of lock screen apps available on Play Store allowing such people to do even more with their lock screens. [...]  Read More

How To Record Calls on Galaxy S8 Plus Without Beep with 5 Apps?

How To Record Calls on Galaxy S8 Plus Without Beep with 5 Apps?

No matter what, we all found ourselves in the situation where we need to have the information recalled once dictated over the phone. Whether it is the contact number of your friend or some address directions, it is often very difficult for us to search for a pen and piece of paper while we are on a phone. [...]  Read More

How To Make Animated GIF Photos from Galaxy S7 | S8+| S9+?

How To Make Animated GIF Photos from Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S8 Plus?

Among the trends on social media websites, the most popular one is the GIFs or animated screenshots that you can share with your friends and family. A few years back, you couldn’t even think about the animated or moving photos and now you can make your own with the Galaxy S8, S8 Plus and even with S7 Edge. [...]  Read More