Pure Wireless Earbuds Galaxy S10 Gear IconX With Fitness Tracker

Deal: Samsung Gear Icon X Wireless Earphones At 25% OFF

Samsung has introduced a purely wireless and cord free experience for music lovers. Its Samsung Gear IconX. These earbuds are very special since they offer plenty of functions, such as you can use them as a fitness tracker when you don’t have your Samsung Galaxy S10 with you. You can transfer up to 1000 Mp3 tracks in its 4GB internal storage, and you will not need your smartphone at all, if you want to listen to the music. Gear IconX offer Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity which delivers excellent stereo sound. [...]  Read More

Take Wide Angle Photos on Galaxy S7 With Camera Lens Cover


Today we are going to introduce you guys with Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera Lens Cover that has two lenses, one is telephoto lens while the other one is wide angle lens. Both are made with unique premium stainless steel and are specially designed for photography lovers. You can capture amazing photos with these lenses. Wide angle lens helps to capture more area and is perfect for landscape shots. [...]  Read More

Best Collection of All Samsung Galaxy S7 / Edge Accessories

Best Collection of Samsung Galaxy S7 / Galaxy S7 Edge Accessories

As you know S7 Fan Club is a fan website for Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone users. And we are at a mission to serve all Galaxy S7 & Galaxy S7 Edge users globally. We are trying our best to cover latest and up to date Galaxy S7 Accessories which are also compatible with Galaxy S7 Edge, except for makeover accessories such as Tempered Glass Protectors and Stylish back covers, which differ from each other due to different dimensions factor. [...]  Read More

List of 9 Best Galaxy S7 Power Banks Which Are Portable

Best Galaxy S7 Power Banks Portable Chargers

Prior to this article S7 Fan Club has listed down Galaxy S7 & Galaxy S7 Edge Battery Cases. Now today we are covering Best Galaxy S7 Power Banks. If you are planning for an outdoor vacation with your family and kids. Power banks are must these days. You can do number of things with power banks. They are basically portable external usb chargers which are rechargeable and have the capability to charge multiple devices at the same time. [...]  Read More

Wirelessly Share Galaxy S7 Screen on LCD With HDMI Adapters

All Share Cast HDMI Wireless Hub Galaxy S7 Edge

Earlier S7 Fan Club had shared Smart WiFi Enabled LEDs / LCDs and List of Portable Mini Wireless Projectors For Samsung Galaxy S7 & Edge. Today we are covering up Wireless HDMI Display Adapters that will remove the hassle of cables from your life. If you own an old LCD, LED or Projector that doesn’t have a in-built WiFi support and want to mirror your Galaxy S7 Screen on them. [...]  Read More

Galaxy S7 Edge 256 GB MicroSD Card With 4K Video Recording

Galaxy S7 Edge MicroSD Card 256 GB EVO Plus Samsung

Samsung has the real deal here by introducing a  that is capable to record 4K videos without any pause or break. It can be used with Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge and Note 6. It offers 95 megabytes per second of read speed and 90 megabytes per second for writing, making it the perfect card for recording 4K HD video. While some folks might be watering at the mouth at the thought of this thing in their phones (which is totally supported in most modern devices), Samsung’s likely aiming this card at the crowd which wants to record 360-degree video on the Samsung Gear 360. [...]  Read More

9 Best Galaxy S7 Bluetooth Speakers With Excellent Sound

Galaxy S7 Bluetooth Speakers

After covering up Galaxy S7 Bluetooth Earphones, Galaxy S7 Bluetooth Levitating Speakers, and Galaxy S7 Bluetooth Wireless Keyboards, today S7 Fan Club is going to present you Best Galaxy S7 Bluetooth Speakers that will blow up your mind. These speakers are not just bluetooth enabled, instead they are equipped with extra features such as sound recognition (virtual assistant), touch sensitive, floatable in water, water proof, and can work up to 9 hours on a single charge. [...]  Read More