Top 5 Best Galaxy S7 Edge Christmas Covers & Case Collection

Best Galaxy S7 Edge Christmas Covers and Case Collection

With the Christmas on the verge, people might be looking for the decorative things that can help them celebrate this Holy event with passion. And being technology nerds, you might be looking for something else. So, in this regard, nothing can be best except the Christmas Tech accessories. That is the reason I have complied up a list of the Top 5 Best Christmas Galaxy S7 Edge Case Covers Collection that you can have to get in the fill swing of Christmas this year. [...]  Read More

Top 15 Amazing Robots, Toys & Gadgets That Galaxy S7 Edge Can Control

Top 15 Best Gadgets, Toys, Drones, Robots Which Can Be Controlled with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

After having covered lots of Amazing Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, today we will have a look at Amazing Robots, Toys and Gadgets that work with Samsung Galaxy S7 or Edge smartphone. These robots and toys can be connected via Galaxy S7 Edge with the help of Bluetooth of WiFi connectivity. And Galaxy S7 Edge acts like their remote control. [...]  Read More

Huge Christmas & New Year Deals On 31 Best Galaxy S7 Edge Accessories

Best Galaxy S7 Edge Accessories Deals Black Friday

As we all know that Holiday season is very near. Sellers all over the world are offering great deals on galaxy s7 edge accessories and up to 50% off. Today we will have a look at Holidays, Christmas and New Year Deals on Galaxy S7 Edge Accessories. We will be covering lots of unique galaxy s7 edge accessories for your smartphone that will make your experience with your smartphone the great one. [...]  Read More

List of 8 Best Galaxy S7 Mini Bluetooth Earbuds Stereo Pair

Best Mini Galaxy S7 Bluetooth Earbuds Sports Water Proof Stereo Pair

Technology has been evolving very rapidly and due to such huge levels of innovation, we are able to experience the most beautiful and mini style gadgets in real world. Best Galaxy S7 Edge Bluetooth Earbuds For Sports & Exercise were already shared by S7 Fan Club. Also make sure to have a look at Floating in Air – Levitating Bluetooth Speakers for Galaxy S7 Edge[...]  Read More

8 Best Galaxy S10 Car Chargers That Charge Really Fast

Best Galaxy S7 Car Chargers Fast Charging Adapters
As Samsung Fan Club had covered up many Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S10, today we are going to unveil Best Car Chargers for Samsung Galaxy S10. As most of us have to travel frequently for our office or for our vacations. We need to have a good car charger that can charge almost all of our daily usage devices.Some people consider Power Banks as helpful for charging their devices on the go. But if you have your own transport / car, you will probably need to get a car charger, as it is not harmful for your phone’s battery life, on the other hand, power banks should only be used in case of emergency charging. We had also shared some Great Wireless Chargers for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, however this post is strictly related with High Quality 3.0 Amp or 4.0 Amp Car Chargers. So let’s have a look at Best Car Chargers.

8 Best Galaxy S10 Car Chargers That Charge Fast

Read more8 Best Galaxy S10 Car Chargers That Charge Really Fast [...] 

Mini Truly Wireless Surround Sound Galaxy S10 Earbuds

Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung had launched its very own Gear X Pure Wireless Earbuds that offer great sound quality, built-in storage of 4GB and a fitness tracker. But that costs around $200 which seems really expensive deal, for the person who just need it for listening music. Today while I was searching to get some great Wireless Earbuds for Samsung Galaxy S10, I just found a one from Lesoom, that is Bluetooth 4.1 supported and it looks very similar to Gear X. [...]  Read More

Convert MicroSD, Pen Drive Into Wireless Storage For Galaxy S10 Plus

WiFi Bridge WiFi Card Reader WiFi Pen Drive Reader WiFi Portable Drive Reader Portable Router and Power Bank Galaxy S7 Edge

Do you have existing portable drive, pen drive or microsd card, that is filled up with your choice of content such as movies, songs and your camera pictures, you want to access those movies and pictures wirelessly on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, without the need of switching microSD card or without even connecting the OTG cables, all wirelessly? There is a solution for this!! I had already covered up an article, on how you can easily access your content wirelessly and also discussed Best Wireless Storage Options for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge[...]  Read More