How to Block Ads on Android Apps System Wide via DNS66 on Samsung Phones without Root?

The operating system which has taken over almost 86% of the smartphone market is none other than Google provided Android, Which also happens to be free. And because of that there are also tons of free to use Apps available on Google play store. Did you ever have tried to think that why all of this is free? The answer is very simple. Google does not sell you Apps but instead they sell you Ads. And in return Google gets paid by the Ad providers. That’s why these Ads sometimes becomes really annoying.

How to Block Ads on Android Apps System Wide via DNS66 on Samsung Phones without Root?

How to Block Ads on Android Apps System Wide via DNS66 on Galaxy S10 Plus without Root?

Some Apps includes so many Ads that they completely destroys your experience. And if you want to block those Ads affectively on your Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, the only way possible for doing that is to root your device. There are some Android Apps which can do the trick but those Apps will either not work according to what they claim or they will drain your battery fast. The Good news is that in today’s post, we have bring you an Android App which can block system-wide Ads on Android without putting you in the hustle of rooting up your smart phone.

DNS66 Ad Blocker

This App is developed by Julian Klode, who is a well-known Debian and Ubuntu Core Developer. To block Ads his App DNS66 uses Android VPN system. DNS66 has some similarities with Apps like the famous without root Ad blocker, Adguard & Netguard. But DNS66 is completely different in terms of functionality, because it does not drain your battery like those apps. Secondly DNS66 block Ads at the DNS level, unlike other Ad blocker who uses VPN.

How to Use DNS66

Once downloaded, tap on the download notification and install the APK. On some devices, you may have to manually browse the downloaded APK using a file explorer to install it.

Launch the app when it is installed


Before you hit the big Startbutton though, swipe right to get to the Hosts.


Here, you can select the hosts that you’d like ads to be filtered for. Tap on the list entries to Block ads, allow ads or ignore the entry. We recommend that you only set Adaway to block Ads and ignore the rest.

When you’ve selected the hosts, tap on the refresh icon at the top to download host files.


You can also exclude ads from being blocked in certain apps in the Apps DNS66 excludes system apps by default. This can also be changed under the apps tab. simply toggle on the Show system apps option and then toggle the apps off.

When you’re ready, go back to the Start tab and hit the big Start button at the bottom.


After applying these settings, ads will be blocked in all your apps and browser as long as you haven’t excluded them. We have mentioned two screenshots of the free ad-supported version of MX Player below.


After Installing DNS66


System Requirements

To install DNS66 your device must meet these system requirements otherwise you will unable to enjoy the full performance of this awesome App.

  • Android 5.0 Lollipop and above
  • Unknown sources To enable Unknown sources, go to Settings>Security and scroll down and check the box next to Unknown sources.

Why You Should Use DNS66 on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus?

DNS66 is without a doubt the best Ad blocker Android App for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus till this date. DNS66 directs only DNS traffic through itself to filter for Ads, instead of redirecting all the data and filtering for Ads. As opposed to your entire data usage through the day only a small amount of data is being filtered. Which Saves battery and works more conveniently. The link is given below to download DNS66 for your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Don’t worry, this link is trusted and completely safe.

Get DNS66 Right Now

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