Top 5 Best QR & Bar Code Reader Apps for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge / S8 Plus

Yep, it is the world of technology and the technology have spread its roots in every field of life, be it’s the medical department or the educational department. Even the use of technology has been made in the industrial settings, warehouse and other application where durability is required.

Top 5 Best QR & Bar Code Reader Apps for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge / S8 Plus

In such settings, QR and bar codes handheld scanners are used that are often heavy, inconvenient and bulky. For the purpose, QR and Barcode scanner apps have been introduced on the Play Store that can do the job conveniently, quickly and effortlessly.

Top 5 Best QR & Bar Code Reader Apps For Samsung Galaxy Phones

So if you are looking for such apps, we have got you covered with the top 5. Check them out and thank us later.

1: QR & Barcode Scanner

Among the number of QR and Barcode scanner apps available on the Play Store, QR and Barcode scanner is the best app to read all the texts, barcodes, URL, ISBN, product contact, calendar, email, location, Wi-Fi and many other formats. The app is extremely easy to use and automatically detect and scan the code.

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QR & Barcode Scanner
QR & Barcode Scanner
Developer: Gamma Play
Price: Free

2: Barcode Scanner Pro

Barcode Scanner Pro is another best application for your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and S8 Plus that comes handy for the professional use. The app is fast, accurate, easy and really convenient for scanning, decoding, creating, sharing the QR and barcode. Not only this, the app also offers the users to share your QR codes via social networking including Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Gmail etc.

Barcode Scanner Pro
Barcode Scanner Pro
Developer: Geeks.Lab.2015
Price: Free

3: QR Barcode Scanner

This is another best QR and barcode scanning app for your Samsung mobile device. The app offers the users with the features including scanning and reading the codes with the camera, image, creating the codes from contacts, apps, bookmarks and any text and sharing QR codes with the friends and family via social networking. The app is really easy and effective.

Barcode Scanner
Barcode Scanner
Developer: AndroidRock
Price: Free

4: Barcode Scanner

The barcode scanner is one of the fastest and the securest apps that focus on scanning, creating the personalized barcode and QR codes. The app is perfect for the professional and domestic use where the reader will quickly scan and recognize the information of barcode. If the code contains a website URL, you’ll automatically be taken to the site. It’s fast, easy and secure.

Barcode Scanner
Barcode Scanner
Developer: Barcode Scanner
Price: Free+

5: QR Code Reader

QR Code Reader is a free scan QRcode application, it is both barcode scanner, QR code scanner, QR code generator. The app, just like the other options on the list, is extremely popular and easy to use. The app comes with the beautiful user interface and is optimized for encrypting and decrypting information that you can enjoy anywhere, anytime.

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