5 Best Music Audio Equalizer Apps for Samsung S21 Ultra

One of the most important features that most of the smartphone nerds look for in a smartphone is its stereo and audio. Fortunately, the Samsung Galaxy S7 | S8 | S9 | S10 | S20 | S21 Ultra have combined some real high-end stereo speakers, but still, it is not enough for the music freaks.

For that purpose, there are tons of amazing audio equalizer apps that not only improves the sound of the smartphone but also enhance its quality and let you get the most out of its speakers. So for you, we have rounded up a list of 5 best music audio equalizer apps that you can have on the go to enhance your music listening experience. Also check out Top 5 Best Music Player Apps for Samsung S21 Ultra.

Top 5 Best Audio Equalizer Apps for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Top 5 Best Audio Equalizer Apps for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at the best five apps to enhance the music quality of your smartphone.

1: Bass Booster and Equalizer App for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

So the app topping the list is the Bass Booster and Equalizer and that because it does much more than simply regulating your bass levels. It comes with a plethora of features that a music freak will want to get the best music listening experience ever.

Bass Booster & Equalizer
Bass Booster & Equalizer
Developer: Coocent
Price: Free

The highlights of the app include:

  1. It lets you adjust the volume of the phone to 15 different levels.
  2. There are 12 different bass boosting settings
  3. There are five channels to equalize
  4. It offers stereo sound surrounding effects

Not only this, it allows you to do all this in your music videos as well. So want to give this app a shot?

2: Music Equalizer App for Samsung Galaxy S21

Another equalizer to enhance the quality of your smartphone’s music is Music Equalizer. The app is really great as it offers some really amazing music settings and features that you will love to discover.

These include:

  1. Bass boost effect
  2. Media volume control
  3. Stereo surround sound effect
  4. 5 bands equalizer
  5. 10 preset equalizations

It is all in one bass booster and equalizer that offers brilliant sound quality.

3: Dub Music Player App for Samsung S21 Ultra

If you want to listen to the good music, play songs and get the amazing stereo quality, Dub Music Player is the best thing you need. The application is an offline music player that offers the best interface in addition to the audio equalizing and bass boost.

Here’s what the app has got for you:

  1. 5 band music equalizer
  2. 9 professional music genres presets
  3. Audio player for all music formats
  4. Stunning interface
  5. Media volume control

And lots of other features. So dub music player is all you need.

4: Headphones Equalizer App for Samsung Galaxy S21

With Headphones Equalizer and its set of tools, you will be able to create apply equalizations that will adapt to the headphones you are wearing. Great, isn’t it?

In addition to that, here’s a list of other features that come packed inside this app:

  1. Headphone Calibration
  2. Headphone profile equalization
  3. Headphone correction
  4. Bass boost
  5. Custom Equalization

Give it a shot if you never want to miss the best sound quality on the go.

5: Music EQ App for Samsung Galaxy S21

Music EQ is last but certainly not the least one to try. The app is quite powerful and has tons of features that you will find interesting and surprising.

Music Equalizer
Music Equalizer
Developer: Beans Mobile
Price: Free+
  1. Bass booster
  2. 5 band EQ controller
  3. 10 presets
  4. Virtualizer mode for best headphone results
  5. Amazing interface

And that all free of cost.

Try these amazing music equalizers and let us know which one worked best for you.

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