Top 5 Galaxy S10 Battery Saver Apps For Download

Regardless of how much you love your Android phones, the worst things that make you hate about them is their battery timing. Each and every person among us having the smartphones has faced the problem with the low battery timing of our phones and that surely get to our nerves. The fault is not in our phones but the fact that the countless apps that are running in the background of the phone can make your phone’s battery down and drained pretty quickly. We had also covered Galaxy S7 Battery Cases to increase battery backup of Samsung Galaxy S7 & Edge smartphones.


You need not to worry about your phone’s battery as there are countless apps available that can save your battery timing. If you are using Samsung Galaxy S10 and want to save its battery for the longer run, then I have compiled a list of the 5 Best Battery Saver Apps Galaxy S10 that can improve the battery timing of your phone.

Top 5 Best Galaxy S10 Battery Saver Apps

  1. DU Battery Saver & Fast Charge For Galaxy S10

    Among the top apps on the play store, DU Battery Saver and Fast Charge is the best option for your Galaxy S10 Save Battery. It is a completely free application that comes with the easy to use interface along with some excellent features. This battery saving app allows you to get 50 percent extra battery life for your Galaxy S10. The application provides the user with the different suggestions when the phone’s battery is below the level. The app is good looking and will suit well to your latest Samsung Galaxy S10.

  1. Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) For Galaxy S10

    Another amazing app to improve the battery timing of your Galaxy S10 is Battery Doctor. The name of the app is completely justified because of its amazing features and excellent efficacy. Battery Doctor allows your phone battery to last long by disabling all the unnecessary application running in your phone background and kill apps when the screen is off. The application schedules the power saving modes for your work, class and other locations so that you can enjoy the increased battery timing of your phone.

  1. Greenify For Galaxy S10 Plus

    Another amazing application for the battery saving helps to extend the battery life of your phone by the automatic hibernation process. With this application, your phone can run smoothly and faster without emptying its battery. With this amazing application, the users can pick the applications that are on their low priority list so that they can get a nap. The application is amazing and implemented to work in the lightweight environment.

Developer: Oasis Feng
Price: Free
  1. Avast Battery Saver For Galaxy S10 Plus

    Although this app may not offer any unique features but it is the one best application that is needed by the Galaxy S10 users as it predicts the accurate time when the users need to plug in their phones for charging. With its amazing interface, the Avast Battery saver is much more powerful than any application on the play store.

Avast Battery Saver
Avast Battery Saver
Developer: Avast Software
Price: Free+
  1. Kaspersky Battery Saver – Battery Saver For Galaxy S10 Plus

    With this application, you can manage power of your phone according to your own preferences in order to extend the battery life of your phone. This application also allows the complete customization through the clean and instinctual user interface. And it can run on its own once you configured your preferences with the full active log making the best option for your Samsung Galaxy S10.

Which Battery Saver App on Galaxy S10 is your favorite? I would love to hear your feedback in the comments below.

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