Top 10 Best FPS Battle Royale or PUBG Games Galaxy S10 Plus & Android

Battle royale niche has evolved quite a great after the introduction of PUBG and Fortnite like games on the Play Store. There are already millions of players for this niche all across the globe and continuously increasing. This is because of the fact that the games are action packed, have long play times and comes with a fairly simple premise.

If you are a fan of this genre and are looking for something similar to PUBG or Battle Royale, we might have something for you. This post will highlight the FPS games for Samsung Galaxy S10 series. So scroll down to enjoy some of the best battle royale games on Samsung Galaxy S10 series.

Top 10 Best FPS Battle Royale or PUBG Games For Galaxy S10 Series & All Android Devices

Top 10 Best FPS Battle Royale or PUBG Games - Galaxy S10 Plus & Android

We’ll start from the best and the most popular games on the Play Store for you. Before you get started to check out the PUBG Alternatives, I would suggest you to get yourself PUBG Gamepad Controller which will work with almost all smartphones to play almost all kind of Battle Royale Games.

Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus PUBG Gamepad Trigger Controllers

1. PUBG Mobile

A fan of PUBG? Want to enjoy PUBG on your Samsung Galaxy S10 series? PUBG Mobile has you covered. The game was officially introduced by Tencent games for the battle royale fans and the game has got pretty much everything that the fans need, including:

  1. Tactically rich background
  2. High quality graphics and audio
  3. Realistic weapons
  4. Variety of vehicles
  5. Fair gaming environment

PUBG is not just a game. It is the Battle Royale.

Developer: Tencent Games
Price: Free+

2. Garena Free Fire

Another most popular title among the Battle Royales on the Play Store is Garena Free Fire. The game includes tons of 10-minute games that places you on a remote island where you are pit against 49 other players, all seeking survival. The features of this game are:

  1. Survival shooting
  2. Realistic and smooth graphics
  3. Squad scheming
  4. In-game voice chat

Become the apex of all.

3. Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival is another PUBG clone that you will love to play on your Samsung Galaxy S10 series smartphones. The game has got similar features as that of PUBG and kill people as per norm. The things that you will discover in this game include:

  1. Daily login surprises
  2. Run or fight gaming
  3. Absolute fair play
  4. Survivors battle
  5. A wide variety of firearms and accessories

Be the last man standing.

Developer: NetEase Games
Price: Free+

4. Fortnite

Official Fortnite game is like an elephant in the room, when we are talking about the best FPS battle royale games. The game is quite popular and it doesn’t need any introduction for the FPS lovers. However, if you are new to the genre, the game is simply the best. It comes packed with features like:

  1. Build up
  2. Try to survive
  3. Buy skins
  4. Collect weapons
  5. Realistic graphics and gameplay

A 100-player battle royale awaits you!

5. is an intriguing and adorable gunfight survival battle royale game, which hosts:

  1. Brand new playing modes
  2. Battle with squad scheming
  3. Wide range of weapons to survive
  4. Unique scenes

Join the fun.

6. CrossFire: Legends

CrossFire: Legends has got the attention of FPS freaks since its evolution on this planet and that is because of a variety of good reasons. It features:

  1. Mutant & PvP Mode
  2. Hardcore FPS
  3. Insane graphics
  4. Intense playing

Become the legend that you are meant to be!

CrossFire: Legends
CrossFire: Legends
Developer: Tencent Games
Price: Free+

7. Battlelands Royale

Battlelands Royale is a casual Battle Royale game for everyone to enjoy. The game is all about battles. The key features of the game include:

  1. 3-5 minute matches
  2. 32 players
  3. Team play
  4. Exclusive battle content
  5. Tons of items to loot
  6. Ever shrinking play area

Are you ready?

Battlelands Royale
Battlelands Royale
Developer: Futureplay
Price: Free+

8. Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground

As the name suggests, the game uses a Pixel style graphics with the similar playing mode as that of PUBG. The features of the game include:

  1. Auto shooting
  2. Massive map
  3. Intuitive controls
  4. Battle style royale
  5. More than 30 types of weapons to collect
  6. Pixel shooter

Royal Battle has already started!

9. Survivor Royale

The game is continuously forcing survivors into a fight to the death.

  1. 100 contenders are fighting to live
  2. HD map which is contracting
  3. 2 or 4 players playing mode
  4. Too real weapons and vehicles

Are you ready to be the last man standing?

Survivor Royale
Survivor Royale
Developer: NetEase Games
Price: Free+

10. Radiation Island

Radiation Island is a survival adventure game where you craft your own destiny in a huge open world environment. The game features:

  1. A new and mysterious world
  2. Huge forests inhabited by dangerous species
  3. Collect weapons and vehicles to fight deadly zombies
  4. Hunt wild animal to overcome hunger

And survive!

Radiation Island
Radiation Island
Developer: Atypical Games
Price: $2.99

So what are you waiting for? Rush to Play Store to get these action packed PUBG alternative games downloaded!

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