Top 5 Best Apps to Make You Look Old on Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

If you have ever wondered what you will look like in old age? Will you still be stunning & gorgeous when you get 70 years old? If you have this curiosity then you have clicked on the right post. Because in this post we have compiled a list of Top 5 best Android Apps for Samsung Galaxy Phones which can show you, your older age face.

Top 5 Best Apps to Make You Look Old on Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Top 5 Best Apps to Make You Look Old on Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

The Top 5 Android Apps below have taken the social media by storm. Now you can also get them on your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and share them with your family and friends.

FaceApp To Make You Look Old on Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus


First on our list is FaceApp. This Android App includes the most advanced neural portrait editing technology. You can improve your selfie or just have fun with gender swap, hair styling and other free amazing transformations. FaceApp offers many amazing features and option like Let AI find your best hairstyle and color, Change your age, Add amazing tattoos, Let AI find the best style for you, Check out the Hit man, the Heisenberg filters and many other mind blowing transformations. And its features didn’t ends there. Other than showing your older age face, FaceApp can do

  • Hollywood ready selfies with the Impression filters
  • Change hair color and style Apply perfect evening or day makeup
  • Find your perfect beard/mustache style
  • Add a beautiful smile
  • Replace background with a single tap & apply color filters and lens blur

Old Face Camera for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus


Old Face Camera Android face aging App is not your typical face aging booth machine. It will change your face to old man in live camera view. Now you can make not only a photo as your older self, but also can create a video of yourself. In Old face Camera App you will find features like talk, pull a face and record elder, change your age in your camera and many more. Old Face Camera App also allows you to share photos on Social Media. In this app’s ageing booth you will find a lot of different filters, lenses and different effects. Choose one of them. For example

  • You can look only 10 years older
  • You can add 20 or 40 years more
  • It does includes many masks with vintage glasses
  • Realistic mustache or beard feature
  • You can shoot a photo or movie
Old Face Camera: Funny masks
Old Face Camera: Funny masks

Oldify App for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus


With Oldify Android App for Samsung Galaxy S10 plus you can upload or take a picture in its photo booth then age yourself and get your results. Swap your face for the older version of you and share it with your friends on Social Media. When you download Oldify Android App, you get many free tools at your disposal for changing your face. Prepare yourself to see how will look in your old age while you’re still young. Oldify App is the perfect way to confront your own mortality during the springtime of your life. Other than that there is a whole list of features and functions like

  • Make your face old with your android device camera
  • A fun photo booth app to age yourself
  • Snap a funny pic of your old self, making old timer gestures
  • Take a picture of yourself when you’re 10, 20 or even 100 years older
  • Change your age and record video
Oldify - Old Aging Booth App
Oldify - Old Aging Booth App
Developer: Apptly LLC
Price: Free+

Make Me Old – Face Changer App for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus


Make me old is an amazing application that will allows to check that how you will look after 50 Years. With this application you can make your pictures funny. The best thing about this app is that it is very light and smaller in size. Make me old Android App can run smoothly on any android device with minimum specs. So you don’t have to face any sluggishness and stuttering while you use it. Some of the main features and option which you will get with Make me old Android App are

  • Add picture through Gallery or Camera
  • Choose stickers that makes you old
  • Zoom in/out and rotating feature on pinch
  • Save pictures to your device or SD card
  • Share your funny pictures with your friends via social network.
Make Me Old - Face Changer
Make Me Old - Face Changer
Developer: AppBuddiz
Price: Free

Make Me Old App for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus


Yes this App’s name is same as the above app but features wise they are totally different from each other. This Make Me Old photo booth app lets you change your appearance from young to aging or nearly aging to really aged. This Android App is a great photo and video editor app as well.

Make Me Old
Make Me Old
Developer: Sky Made
Price: Free

It can make you look like in old like 99 year old man/women. Make me old face changer is an awesome app to entertain yourself and your friends. It does have a makeup editor as well. Other features and functions includes

  • Face app to change your face
  • Make me old photo editor
  • Photo age changing app
  • Prank photo editor “App to make yourself look old”
  • Photo montage for girls

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