Top 5 Best Android Office Apps: Word, Excel & PDF for Samsung Phones

If you are looking for the software that can help you in your office setting then for sure, the MS office suite is the best thing that you can have on your Android Samsung Phones. With the past few decades, the MS Office has made our work so much easier and convenient that with this software, now one can create word documents, analyzes spreadsheets, manage databases, and even can organize each and every aspect of life. so the importance of MS Office cannot be denied as a matter of fact it is adorable and have made our lives easier and flexible.

Top 5 Best Android Office Apps: Word, Excel & PDF for Samsung Phones

With the so much demand of the MS Office among the people. Even the IT professionals have created a number of Office apps that can come handy in the hour of needs. That is the reason, why I am going to highlight the best android Office Apps for samsung phones. Through which you can make your work easier in the office setting.

Top 5 Android Office Apps For Android Phones

  1. Microsoft PowerPoint Android App for Samsung phones

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the best applications on the play store that is termed to be the one of the “Best Apps of 2019”. This application is made for on- the go business and meeting presentations. MS Powerpoint application is made with the typical look of the PowerPoint without any changes in the quality. The application is free to use and download that can let you to do your best work at any time and at any place.

  1. Microsoft Excel Android App for Samsung phones

Next on the list of the best office apps is the Microsoft Excel that is the same thing that you use on your PC or laptops. This application is also made for the use on the go when you need to sort and analyze your data. This app of the MS Excel provides you with the same and familiar look. The app can provide you with the best experience of the Excel that you need. You can edit, create, and view your documents on your mobile devices with this amazing app of MS Excel.

  1. WPS Office + PDF Android App for Samsung phones

Trusted by the millions of the users all across the world. This app is voted to be among the best Office App for android. This application is lightweight and is all in one office suite that focus on helping you with everything that you need in your office setting. You can use this application any time and at any place as it comes handy when you need it. The most notable feature of this app is that it also offers you the free PDF Converter for reading and viewing PDF files. As it is light in weight. It can run smoothly on your device without any issue.

  1. Microsoft Word Android App for Samsung phones

Real Microsoft Word application is next on the list. This application is based on the same and traditional look of MS Word that you can use on your android devices. This application is also the handy solution. For all your needs of either creating the documents or the need to read. This application gives you the best productivity that you expect from the MS Word PC. You can unlock all the features of this app with the subscription of the full Office 365.

  1. Polaris Office + PDF Android App for Samsung phones

This one is comparatively latest Office suite that won the hearts of millions of users. This app is fast that give you with the easy turn around with the drastic speed across the entire app. The application delivers the most exclusive features of the MS Office. From which you can easily view, edit, create, your documents and to convert your files into the PDF Format for free. So regarding all these features, it would not be wrong to say this app worth using.

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