Download Basketball Battle Game For Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Basketball Battle is an arcade style game for Basketball lovers. The mechanics of the game are extremely realistic. Basketball battle brings you challenging and exciting matches. Also you can play solo or challenge your friends with two player split screen feature.  Which makes the fun doubled. Basketball battle is one of the best sports games available for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 plus. Loaded with dozens of features and customizations. And if they aren’t enough for you, then you can also download different mods for Basketball battle separately.

Basketball Battle Game For Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Download Basketball Battle Game for Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Almost 3 million people have already downloaded this game and it has been ranked in trending with 4.6 stars of ratings by users. Any other sports game has never looked so good like Basketball battle. With each win you can get great rewards and plenty of useful unique items in this game. There is also a practice mode where you can learn new skills and make your every move perfect to beat your opponent.

Controls are Easy


In Basketball battle android game controls are awesomely easy. You can master them in no time by playing practice sessions. Also there are tutorials to teach you how to shoot, dunk, dribble and score the points to win the game. Competitiveness of the game is very high which means that you will never got bored while playing this game. And it will make you addictive to the Basketball battle game right from the moments you’ll first start it.

Compete in Cross Country Tournaments


In Basketball battle you can play one on one, Challenge matches and full tournaments across the whole country. As you win your games you will be moved forward in the tournament and competition will start becoming tough. Wins will get you respect and they will increase your level and ranking in the game. You do have different characters with different skills in Basketball battle game. This option will help you to decide which one to use in which match according to the situations.

Online Live Events


Like tournaments Basketball battle also brings you different live events. You can participate in any of them you like. Here you will have to play and win against real online players like yourself. Which is a big plus point for this game. Because normally in android games you compete against programed bots. Which starts feeling boring after sometime. But in Basketball Battle with this feature every game becomes more exciting than previous.

100 Unique Basketball Courts


You have choice of whole 100 unique basketball courts to play on. But you’ll find plenty of them locked when you start game as a new player.  As you’ll starts winning matches your progress will unlock them one by one. Developers of Basketball battle will increase those courts numbers even more in near future updates. The amazing thing is that file size of the Basketball battle is shockingly minimal, if we compare it with the stuff this game comes loaded with.

Download Basketball Battle Game For Android Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Basketball Battle Trailer

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Basketball Battle
Basketball Battle
Developer: DoubleTap Software
Price: Free+

Other features of Basketball battle includes Customization of your look, you can upgrade your player, you can dunk on people, nasty cross-overs and step-backs, you can play challenge mode against any one Etc. Note that when you want to play online mod, Basketball battle does requires an internet connection. Otherwise you can play this game even when you are offline. You can download and install this game by clicking the download button, above.

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