Download Arlo IP Camera WiFi App for Samsung Galaxy S10+ & Note10+

Just like smartphones, smart homes have also become the need of the hour. Not only our houses need the assistance of smart appliances but also they need a secured environment. Thanks to the WiFi cameras that are inexpensive and easy to set up as well. These cameras not only allow you to keep your home secure and safe but also lets you keep an eye on your baby’s room, ensure you that the basement isn’t flooded with water and your kitchen is safe from those little mice.

Most of these Wi-Fi cameras are plug and play that needs a simple software or app to monitor everything at once. We have an Arlo IP Camera app on the Play Store that lets you do the trick. So here’s everything about this Wi-Fi camera app for your Samsung Galaxy S10+, Note 10+ and other similar Android devices.

Download Arlo IP Camera WiFi App for Samsung Galaxy S10+ & Note10+

Download Arlo IP Camera WiFi App for Samsung Galaxy S10+ & Note10+

If you are into the tech, most of the time, you would recognize this name. Arlo is one of the best brands in Smart Home Security and the creator of the complete wire-free, 4K UHD security camera. With this being said, the company has recently launched its IP Camera app that allows you to keep your home security at hand.

The app, just like its camera devices, comes with a ton of amazing features so that you can build a safer and smarter home. Here are some of the features that the Arlo IP Camera App has got for you.

1. Stream Live Video

Arlo IP Camera lets you stream live video of the site where the wireless cameras have been placed. This allows you to have a thorough view of what’s going on at the site. In addition to that, the app also comes with the feature of active camera alerts, allowing you to get notified whenever there’s something fishy.

2. Play Recorded Clips

Missed something in the live streaming? No worries! Arlo IP Camera WiFi App comes with the feature of recording video clips as well as playing those recorded clips, in case you have missed something in the live streaming. This feature is much needed for those who can’t keep an eye on active monitoring.

3. Intuitive Interface

This camera app comes with a really easy to use interface that allows, even the newbie to master it. This means the app allows you to easily arm and disarm the system as well.

4. Take Actions on Alerts without Unlocking the Phone

In addition to that, the Arlo IP Camera App lets you take actions on the notifications and alerts and that too without unlocking the phone. Great, isn’t it?

Moreover, there are also display adjustment features in the app that lets you adjust and change the layout of the camera monitor on your screen. Furthermore, this app also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant as well so that you can build safer and smarter home on the go.

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Download Arlo IP Camera WiFi App for Samsung Galaxy Phones

Price: Free

So what are you waiting for? Get this app on your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, Note 10 Plus, and other similar android devices and make your home safer.

Will I be able to view Arlo IP Camera over WiFi on Samsung Mobile Phones?

Yes with the help of ARLO IP CAMERA APP, you can easily view ARLO IP Camera over your WiFi network.

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