How to Apply 100+ Custom Fonts on Samsung Phones via Samsung Wings Fonts 3?

Unlike before, in the present time most of the default fonts looks cool enough to make us almost forget the custom ones.  Main reason for that is the improvement in Samsung One and One UI fonts. Having said that if still you want to enjoy custom fonts on your Samsung smartphones without rooting the access or using any other extra software, then Samsung Wings Fonts 3 Application is the easiest way to fulfil that purpose.

How to Apply Custom Fonts on Samsung Galaxy Phones via Samsung Wings Fonts 3?

How to Apply Custom Fonts on Samsung Galaxy Phones via Samsung Wings Fonts 3

Samsung Wings Fonts 3 is a simple font installer that also happens to be a third party app and Galaxy app store is very restrictive about that. Samsung Wings Fonts 3 is developed by Team Wings and it offers thousands of typefaces. To accomplish the goal of making font customization simple without rooting the device, Samsung Wings Fonts 3 packages have always been around.  More the 1900 fonts are available in the collection.

Features of Samsung Wings Fonts 3


Despite the fact that Samsung Wings Fonts 3 available App version is yet in its beta phase, the overall functionality is extremely good and it runs smooth on all the compatible Samsung devices. Till this date the current latest version is RC4. Which also includes the added support for One UI. It is recommended that users must download the latest version of Samsung Wings Fonts 3 Android App so they can get access to the latest added features.

Downloading & Installation of Samsung Custom Fonts


Installing Fonts is very simple once you have installed the Samsung Wings Fonts 3 App on your Android Samsung smartphone. First thing you’ll need to do is to choose the package that you’re interested in. Each package shows the respective size, and you can see all the fonts inside of it. Even though previews aren’t available yet, you can still search the fonts online. Once you choose the one you want,


Just install the package as a regular APK and restart your device. Then, you’ll see the new fonts in Settings > Display > Font size and style > Font style.

Functionalities & Limitations

Samsung Wings Fonts 3 Android App for Samsung smart phones is a very simple to use App. everyone can find the best font style according to their desire because in the collection there are tons of options to choose from. Yes there are also some limitations regarding this awesome App, since it is a beta version and still under development. Just recently Team Wings has addressed the main issues with Samsung Wings Fonts 3 to resolve them.

How to Download Samsung Wings Fonts 3 for Samsung Galaxy Phones?

All downloads, change logs, and communications in Samsung Wings Fonts 3 are available through the official Telegram channel. In order to download, you can click on the link below and open it through your Telegram app. Then you can get your hands on the latest APK and to install it on your device you must grant Telegram the Unknown Sources permission. Only then you will be able to install the APK file.

The users who are running Android pie in there Samsung smartphones can now take advantages of this app to the fullest. Samsung Wings Fonts 3 saves you from the hustle of rooting up your device and putting it on risk. Samsung Wings Fonts 3 is getting improved and becoming more and more user friendly with each passing day. You can download This Android App for your Samsung Smartphone by pressing the following download button.

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