Android 10 Release Date & Features for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Google Pixel users have already got the insight of what the Android 10 would look like, but there is still a curious lot out there who is still wondering what this Android 10 is all about. Well, for those who don’t know, Android 10 is a rebranded name for Android Q that has been rumored for months.

The software just got hitched on the first Android phones on September 3rd, 2019 as Android 10. According to Google developers, switching to numbers is quite easier for global members to grasp. Thus, the name Android 10 makes sense, right?

In addition to the versatile name, this freshly rebranded Android 10 has got some pretty nice and next-level features, “just the way you like it.” So here we have a rounded up list of all the features and the release date of this software for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

Android 10 Release Date & Features for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Although Android 10 has been released publically on 3rd September, but that doesn’t mean that it is available for all the Android devices right away. Every OEM must develop their own version of this update for it to work. And fortunately, Samsung is already working on the Android 10 internal update. This means the company would release it very soon, for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and other versions.

Android 10 Release Date & Features for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

So Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus users! Get ready to enjoy the following amazing features of Android 10 on your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus devices.

1. Live Caption

Well, one of the most anticipated features that Android users need. Live Caption. This feature lets you automatically captions the media including, videos, podcasts, as well as audio messages with a single tap. Great, isn’t it?

2. Sound Amplifier

This feature lets you hear what’s around you, more clearly. This means you can actually boost the sound, tune the music, filter background music and customize the music, with a built-in feature for you. This way you can listen your favorite music, just the way you like the best.

3. Smart Reply

Do you ever crave for an assistant that automatically replies to all your unread messages, especially when you are busy? Well, Android 10 has got it for you with a Smart Reply feature. The best thing about this feature is that it even offers suggested replies and actions to your incoming messages. It even works in messenger applications as well, like Facebook’s Messenger, etc.

4. Dark Theme

This is more like a battery-saving as well as your eyes saving feature that all those night owls would love. This feature uses true black background and all dark theme for your mobile phone that is easy on your eyes and again on your phone’s battery. This way you can enjoy using your phone for longer and that too, without hurting your eyes.

5. Gesture Navigation

Gesture Navigation just got better and quicker than ever. Go backward and forwards, pull up the home screen, and swipe up to see your open apps. All super smooth.

6. Updated Privacy Controls

The updated privacy controls in this software update offer better privacy and security like never before. In this software, you can actually choose when and how your data should be shared. In addition to that, you can actually opt-out of ad retargeting and personalization.

7. Focus Mode

This is by far, the most needed feature in the Android 10’s update. The Focus Mode lets you get in the zone while blocking out all the distractions. This means you can select apps to pause so that they don’t hinder your work. All that, you can do it with only a single tap.

Android 10 Release Date & Features for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Plus, the Android 10 update for Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10 Plus has got a whole lot more. So keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned for more only at

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