50+ Tips & Tricks for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S10 family is a fine series with an abundance of features. The more you dig deeper, the more you would find a number of settings and tricks that will enhance your phone’s ability and your user experience.

In fact, you can do much more with your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and its other editions using the tips and tricks below. We have got some really interesting tips and tricks covered for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in the post below. Scroll down and check them out.

50+ Tips & Tricks for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

5 Tips & Tricks for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Although Samsung has covered every possible feature in its S10 family to provide you enhanced user experience, however, there are still a ton of hidden features that you would love to explore. For this, we have you covered. Try these 5 tips and tricks and thank us later.

1. Turn Your S10 Plus Into An Edge Phone

Although Samsung has ditched Edge phones on its 10th anniversary, but there is still the Edge Panel feature hidden within the settings of the phone. This Edge Panel will let you add the apps that you want for quick access. This will allow you to save time and become productive at the same time.

For this, go to Settings >Display >Edge Screen >Edge Panels. The next screen will let you add the apps or contacts that you want on the go.

2. Use the Punch Hole Camera as the Battery Indicator

If you are somewhat in negation to the punch-hole camera, you can transform it completely into a battery indicator for good. Yep, there is an app called Energy Ring on the Play Store, that will help you have fun with the punch-hole effortlessly. With the app, you can change the colors, gradient, thickness and even make it illuminated. Great, isn’t it?

3. Configure Always On Display

Another exciting thing that you can do with your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus phone is configuring and customizing its Always On Display. In order to enable AOD, you need to head over to Lock Screen Settings and toggle the switch on. After this, you can customize it further by tapping on the card and selecting the Display Mode. From there, you can see various options to make the AOD prettier.

4. Give Your Videos A Boost

The S10 family comes to a special video booster that will enhance the colors and the quality of the videos effortlessly. This not only minimizes the need for adding a third-party app but also makes it easier to give the videos a perfect boost.

5. Eke Out More Battery Life

Extra battery life doesn’t hurt anybody. Right? Well, Thanks to the power-saving mode in the Samsung Galaxy S10 family that will let you save the battery for the long run. In this mode, you have got 4 different options to pick from that will preserve battery life for good.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: 50+ Tips, Tricks and Features (You Haven't Seen Yet)

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