5 Best Galaxy 10 Compass Qibla Direction Finder Apps Download

Have you ever imagined the need of compass to find the direction of Qibla, when you are at a new place? The importance of Qibla for Muslims cannot be denied. Muslims need to offer prayer by facing towards Qibla. And considering this, we need to find the direction of Qibla when we are at a new place. For this, with the help of the compass apps, we can find it easily.

So here, today, I am going to cover Top 5 Galaxy S10 Compass Apps that can help you to find direction of Qibla easily at a new place.

Best Qibla Direction Finder Apps Collection Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Top 5 Galaxy S10 Qibla Finder Compass Apps

  1. Qibla Finder & Prayer App For Galaxy S10 Plus

This app is one of the strongest Compass applications on the Play Store that offers you to find Qibla direction without any hassle. The app points the direction of Qibla in Makkah with an arrow head to show you the real direction of Kaaba and helps you to adjust your direction in order to start prayer. Beside this, the application also offers the prayer times all across the globe and arranges prayer times according to your city and country. The app also consists of the Azan alarms so that you would not miss any of your prayer. Special Iftar and Sehri timings are also available in the month of Ramadan.

  1. Qibla Compass App For Galaxy S10 Plus

Another best Islamic tool to find the direction of Qibla when you are at a newer place is Qibla Compass. The app allows you to find the direction of Qibla through GPS without any need of internet. You can set your location manually, to find the direction of Qibla the app comes with the amazing graphics and user interface that helps you to offer your prayer without any hassle.

  1. Qibla Direction App For Galaxy S10 Plus

Now finding Qibla has become much easier than ever before with the help of this amazing application. Qibla direction is another app on the list that helps you to pray towards the exact direction of Kaaba without any need of GPS. You only need to select your continent, country and city from the menu to get to know about the direction. The app offers more than 144 countries and 771 cities in the menu. The app is worthy to use to find the direction of Kaaba.

Qibla Direction and Location
Qibla Direction and Location
  1. Islamic Compass Qibla Direction App For Galaxy S10 Plus

Next on the list is Islamic compass qibla direction that is another best Islamic tool to find the direction of Qibla. The app consists of the collection of lovely themes that you can change according to your own choice. Besides providing Qibla directions, the app can also help you to find your ways when you are lost.

Islamic compass qibladirection
Islamic compass qibladirection
  1. Qibla Direction Compass App For Galaxy S10 Plus

Last but not least, the Qibla Direction Compass is worth having app on your Galaxy S10 to find the directions of Qibla. The app, not only provides the direction towards Qibla but also, it is the simple, accurate and exact tool that offers the prayer times to Muslims all across the globe. It also shows the list of the nearest mosques with distance that ensure you to pray all the compulsory prayers.

Qibla Direction - Prayer times
Qibla Direction - Prayer times

Got finding Qibla direction easier with these Galaxy S10 Compass Apps? Let us know in your comments below.

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