5 Best Anime Streaming Apps for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Would anyone disagree with me when I say: Having your favorite anime released and not being able to watch it sucks! Maybe, you’re going gaga over finding the best anime streaming app so you could watch it online for free on your smartphone.

But, here’s a fact: The internet is swarming with app recommendations for watching and downloading anime online. Although more often than not, these apps fail to reach their users’ expectations. It’s either that they have too limited anime options or they take too long to buffer.To help you narrow down your search, I put together a list of the top anime streaming apps for Android that you can enjoy for free.

Best Anime Streaming Apps for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra


Anime streaming is a process of watching anime on your computer or handheld device without having the actual video file. It’s the same as watching a 20-minute Youtube video online!

Before I start digging into the list, let me share with you one of my favorite anime quotes:

“In the ninja world, those who break the rules are scum, that’s true, but those who abandon their friends are worse than scum.”

– Hatake, Kakashi

If you’re going to ask why, it’s because at the end of every day, no man is an island and real friendships are essential in life! Moving on, let’s jump straight to our list!

1. Crunchyroll

Ask anyone for their best go-to anime streaming app and they’ll tell you this first thing. Crunchyroll is hailed as one of the most famous (or infamous) anime streaming apps for Android phones. With millions of downloads on Google Play store, CrunchyRoll has the largest anime library for you to enjoy.

Sign up and watch for free or try their 14-day premium free trial!

It has over 25,000 episodes of the greatest anime series which you can binge-watch. If watching isn’t enough for you, you can also read your favorite manga through this app.

Crunchyroll has a user-friendly interface so you will not get lost while using the app. Search anime movies alphabetically, by popularity, or by genres.

Choose your anime and binge-watch to your heart’s content.

If you’re alright with seeing ads, you can enjoy this app for free. But if you want an ad-free, HD streaming experience, you can download a premium app with a 14-day free trial feature.

Developer: Ellation, LLC
Price: Free+

2. Funimation

Next on the list is Funimation which also has a library packed with subbed and dubbed anime movies. App users love Funimation because it has the fastest turnaround time when it comes to dubbing. Simulcast anime movies from Japan right through this app without any delay.

Free users can watch limited HD movies with ads. Or if you prefer, premium users can enjoy hundreds of movies without constant ad-popping.

Watch anime right in the palm of your hands.

Pay a monthly rate of $5.99 or subscribe to a yearly plan of $59.99 to enjoy the hottest anime there is. Premium users can also simultaneously watch 2 streams at the same time.

Recently, Funimation has released a new feature where app users can download the episodes to watch them offline. Also, they had bug fixes and performance upgrades for a more comfortable streaming experience.

Although this app is a good choice for anime lovers, the download feature is limited to only a few countries.

Price: Free+

3. Netflix

Ironically, Netflix, the most popular streaming service online, is also a great place to watch anime. Using the Netflix app, you can binge-watch a wide list of anime available for you to stream.

However, you need to pay a subscription fee to be able to start watching.

Netflix Anime List

Additionally, Netflix may be a great streaming service but the company sometimes lacks the latest anime and the collection can actually be pretty mediocre for some regions.

Developer: Netflix, Inc.
Price: Free+

4. Amazon Prime Video

Another great streaming service that has been around for quite some time is the Amazon Prime Video.

Not only does it contain a great list of movies and TV shows, but it also offers a wide list of anime to watch. You’ll be able to binge-watch all the old and latest anime episodes available.

Amazon Prime Video Anime List

If you haven’t heard or have not used Amazon Prime Video service, then you can enjoy a free trial period of 7 days.

After that, you have to pay a monthly subscription to continue enjoying their streaming services.

Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video
Developer: Amazon Mobile LLC
Price: Free+

The app is also available for download on the Amazon AppStore.

5. AnimeLab

Hi, JOA readers from Australia and New Zealand! I included AnimeLab on this list of top anime streaming apps!

Watch the latest anime with AnimeLab!

Although AnimeLab is exclusive to certain locations at the moment, anime fans should watch out because developers are working their way to you.

See anything you like? Tap on it and watch!

AnimeLab has thousand of episodes already available on the app with new shows added every week. It even simulcasts directly from Japan in HD.

This app has a 4.1-star review in Google Play Store, solid evidence that this app is an amazing choice.

AnimeLab - Watch Anime Free
AnimeLab - Watch Anime Free
Price: To be announced

Android apps to binge watch and stream anime online

The quest for the best anime streaming app is a tricky task. If you are aiming for free apps, lower your expectations on the ads. Instead, look for an app that has good streaming quality.

All the anime we watch are products of hard labor, passion, and creativity. As much as we would love to watch anime for free, we should think of the artists and writers that created our favorite animes.

Have you tried downloading other anime streaming apps but they didn’t reach your expectations? Do you have anything else to add to the list? What are you most particular about in looking for an online streaming app?

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Updated: September 8, 2021 — 11:47 am

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