5 Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Funny Talking Apps Download

Surely, you have come across with the app like Talking Tom Cat for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. This app can help the users to change their voice in really fun manner. If you are looking for some other similar app, then you are the right place. This time, we will cover some of the best funny talking apps for Galaxy S7 like Talking Tom Cat that that can help you to change your voice in a funny manner. These apps talk back what ever you will say, in a funny voice tone.

Best Funny Talking Apps Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Talking Tom Talking Angela

Here is the list of the best 5 Galaxy S7 Funny Talking Apps, from which you can choose the best one for you.

5 Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Funny Talking Apps

  1. My Talking Angela For Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

My Talking Angela is one of the fun talking games for Galaxy S7 that can help you to kill your boredom with its fully fun features. This app is not only for changing your voice but also, you can explore the world of Angela and customize her life, fashion, hairstyle, makeup and home. This game is best for all the girls who love to play games. There are also some mini games hidden inside this app by playing which, you can unlock the exclusive new outfits, special stickers and much more.

My Talking Angela
Developer: Outfit7
Price: Free+
  1. My Talking Tom For Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Next on the list is My Talking Tom that is really popular among almost all the people across the globe. This game allows you to adopt your very own baby kitten and you need to help him grow into a fully grown cat. the app offers a number of mini games like My Talking Angela. You need to customize the cat like the way you want and select a wide range of accessories for him, feed him, dress him, name and make him a part of your daily life. besides all this, you can also interact with Tom, he still repeats everything you say. This app is really fun to try.

My Talking Tom
Developer: Outfit7
Price: Free+
  1. Talking Puppy For Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Imagine a cute puppy repeating everything that you say. Isn’t it funny? Wondering if it is possible? Yes it is with this fun Talking Puppy app. talking is not the only thing that you can do with this app. You can also play Frisbee with puppy feed him an apple, make him dance and see him doing funny things. You can also interact with him by poking him, tingling his feet or belly. The app is completely free on the Play Store from where you can download it to try.

Talking Puppy
Developer: Talking Baby
Price: Free
  1. Talking Tom & Ben News For Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

If you are getting bored with the single version of Talking Tom or anyone else, then Talking Tom and Ben News is the best tool for you. this blend  of Tom and Ben together in the app brings about more fun and more entertainment. Both the characters are even chattier and more entertaining as the TV news anchor, so bringing their own news. You can express your creativity by creating news or you can just enjoy watching the two teasing each other. The app also contains the feature of recording your own news and sharing it on Facebook, Youtube etc.

Talking Tom & Ben News
Developer: Outfit7
Price: Free+
  1. Talking Ben the Dog For Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Last but certainly not least app on the list is Talking Ben the Dog. Ben loves to read the newspaper and here’s how it will entertain you. Ben will imitate you as you talk to him. You can see his funny and adorable reaction by hitting him in his face, belly, feet and hands. This app also allows you to share videos of your conversation with Ben and to share it with your friends and family.

Talking Ben the Dog
Developer: Outfit7
Price: Free+

Love these Funny Talking Apps For Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge? Share which one’s your favorite.

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