20 Best Tips & Tricks to Customize Samsung Galaxy Note10+ Smartphone

For the company Samsung, Galaxy Note 10 Series (which includes Note 10 Plus and the Note 10 Plus 5G) is doing great so far. With its performance on all fronts, this powerhouse device has impressed a lot of people since its launch. You should learn some great tips to get more out of your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, if you are using this beast as your smartphone. In this post we will be discussing about how you can unlock the Galaxy Note 10 Plus hidden features with bunch of cool Galaxy Note 10 tips, tricks, and settings.

20 Best Tips & Tricks to Customize Samsung Galaxy Note10+ Smartphone

20 Best Tips & Tricks to Customize Samsung Galaxy Note10+ Smartphone

We have mentioned below 20 best tips and tricks to customize your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus smartphone, with step by step instruction for your ease. Having said that, let’s start this best 20 tips and tricks list.

1. Enable Longer Battery Backup


With the efficient battery, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus can last the whole day like no problem. But for you if this performance of your Galaxy Note 10 Plus device battery is not satisfactory, then to squeeze more juice out of the battery you can do some tweaks.

  1. Open Settings then go to Device care.
  2. Tap the Battery icon and then select Power mode.
  3. Enable Optimized battery-saving profile and Adaptive power saving option for a balance between performance and battery life.
  4. There are some tweaks you should try to enjoy a better life. Go to Settings then to Device care and then Battery. Now tap the 3 dot menu icon on the top right corner of the screen. Open battery settings and enable options like Adaptive battery, Put unused apps to sleep, Auto disable unused apps and Optimize settings. You can add that app you don’t want to run in the background under Sleeping apps list.

You can enable Maximum Power Saving option in order to get even more juice out of your battery. Also you can try Emergency Power Mode feature form the power menu to get longer battery time.

2. Access Service Menu


To check and calibrate the hardware modules like the display, vibration and sensors, all Android devices have a hidden service menu. By dialing one of the following codes, you can access the Galaxy Note 10’s Service Mode Menu.

*#2263# and *#0*#.

3. How to Use Side Key for Power Menu & Launch

Samsung has removed the customary Power button from the right side of the device, with the Galaxy Note 10. To open the Power Menu, launch the camera app or any app installed on your Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10 Plus, the Bixby button on the left side can now be customized. To remap the Side key on the Galaxy Note 10 without any 3rd party app, we mentioned the full procedure below.

  1. Open the Quick Panel and tap the Power icon as described above.
  2. When the Power Menu is launched, tap the Side key settings option.
  3. On the Side key settings screen, you will be able to customize the Side key actions like the Double press and Press and hold.
  4. You can either open Bixby, quick launch camera or make the Side key open some other app or launch the Google Assistant by double-clicking it. As you can see in the screenshot, I have selected the Samsung Health app for the Side key shortcut on my Note 10 Plus.

4. 4 Ways to Power Off

A dedicated hardware key usually located at the right side of the Galaxy devices is not present in the Galaxy Note 10 series smartphones. If you Press the Side key now it will simply turn off the display. It’ll launch Samsung Bixby by default, if you try to press and hold the side key. Using the Side key, only if the device is powered off then you can restart it. Don’t worry, we will tell you not 1 but 4 different ways to turn off your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus smartphone.

  1. Swipe download the Quick Panel and tap the Power icon.
  2. Press and hold the Volume Down + Side keys at the same time.
  3. Launch Bixby and say Turn off the phone to Bixby.
  4. Remap the Side key to open the Power Menu, as mentioned in in the above tip.

5. Customize Air Actions & Air Commands


A capable S Pen that supports some new pre-defined commands and more gestures, comes with both Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus. You can know about all those available air commands and even customize the S-Pen gestures to your choice, if you’re not familiar with them.

  1. Open Settings on your Galaxy Note 10 then go to Advanced Features then S Pen and then Air Actions.
  2. You can find the general S Pen controls here and can also customize the S-Pen gestures for the available apps by tapping the app icons.
  3. Under S Pen settings, you can customize various other things. You can even map the S Pen button to launch your favorite app.

6. Take Screenshots With 3 Different Ways


On any Android device by pressing the Volume and Power keys at the same time, you can capture a screenshot. There are 2 more ways in which you can capture your smartphone’s screen, while using this method to take screenshots on your Galaxy Note 10.

  1. Hold the Power + Volume down keys for simultaneously.
  2. Swipe the side of your hand from left to right on your phone’s display.
  3. Take out the S Pen and select the Smart select option. Now, you can capture the whole or part of your device’s screen using the square, rectangle, circle, and free drawing tool.

7. Enable Real Full Screen on Prime Video, Netflix and More


For watching videos and bingeing on Netflix TV shows, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10’s 6.3-inch or Note 10+’s 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED display is fantastic. That’s why almost every Galaxy Note 10 User who is addicted to Netflix and Prime Video, wanted to enjoy full screen. But when you play Netflix, you must have noticed that it didn’t play full screen because the hole-punch camera area got blacked out. We are going to share with you a trick, which will allow you to enjoy videos in vivid colors and truly full screen. Just follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Open Settings then go to Display and tap Screen mode, here select Vivid.
  2. Go back to the display settings and tap the Full screen apps option. Scroll to apps like Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, etc. and tap them. Change the display mode from Auto to Full screen.
  3. To enhance your video-watching experience further, you could enable Video enhancer option under Advanced features.

8. Edge Panel and Edge Lighting Personalization


For years now, a feature called Edge Panel has been included in Samsung Galaxy devices. It is a shortcut tray on the right side of the display. You won’t even find this tip interesting, if you are not a new Samsung user. However, you must customize the Edge Panel if the Galaxy Note 10 or the Note 10 Plus is your first Samsung phone, to access some handy tools and your favorite apps like the torch, ruler, compass, surface level, live weather conditions quickly and you can even launch two apps at the same time as well.

  1. Open Settings then go to Display and tap Edge screen.
  2. You can enable and customize the Edge Panels and Edge lighting such as color, width and animation from here.

9. One UI Home Launcher Customization


Our recommendation is Nova Launcher Prime since it lets you customize your smartphone’s app drawer and home screen in awesome ways. However, here are some tips to customize One UI home launcher of your Galaxy Note 10, if you like it more.

  1. Tap and hold any empty space on your Samsung Galaxy Note 10’s home screen.
  2. Select Home screen settings.
  3. From here you can change the app grid size on your phone’s home screen and the app drawer, customize app notification badges and enable swipe down gesture to open the Notification panel.
  4. Besides, there’s one more setting that will help you to enjoy a cleaner app drawer and it’s called Hide apps. The option lets you hide the apps you don’t want to show on your app screen.

10. Status Bar & Battery Percentage


Showing the battery percentage on the status bar of the device is a feature that all android devices have, you can enable and disable it at your will. This feature is extremely useful because with that it is very easy to keep track of the exact battery level. By default Samsung Galaxy devices don’t have this feature enabled though they do have this. You just needs to enable it from the settings.

  1. Go to Settings then to Notifications and tap Status bar.
  2. Enable Show battery percentage option, on the next page.

11. How to Disable Screenshot Toolbar


You will see a Screenshot toolbar that stays on the screen for a few seconds, right after taking a screenshot. While taking scrolling screenshots, this toolbar becomes really handy but on the other hand some people may find it irritating. You can disable the Screenshot toolbar on your Galaxy Note 10 easily, if you are one of those.

  1. Open Settings then go to Advanced features.
  2. Tap Screenshot and screen recorder and turn off the Screenshot toolbar toggle.

12. Record 4k Videos & Turn On Zoom in Mic, in Camera

Both Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus comes equipped with a high end camera setup. Zoom-in-mic which lets you zoom-in the audio as you zoom in a object while recording videos is one of the great camera features, introduced in the Galaxy Note 10 series.

  1. Just open the camera app.
  2. Tap the Settings icon on the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Select Advanced recording options and enable Zoom-in-mic.
  4. To record videos in 4K quality, tap Rear video size under Camera settings.
  5. On the next screen, tap Resolution and select UHD (60 fps) 3840 x 2160.

13. How to Turn On Smart Pop Up View


You can enjoy notification bubbles from any Android App on your Galaxy Note 10, just like Facebook Messenger’s chat heads. It works with every App which have support for multi window, that’s why Samsung has named it Smart Pop-up view. You have a bubble on the screen, by tapping it a small interactive pop-up window will be launched. It will happen whenever you receive a notification from the selected App.

  1. Go to Settings then open Advanced features.
  2. Enable Smart pop-up window option and select the apps for which you want to get bubble notifications.

14. You Can Now Link Galaxy Note 10 to Windows PC


Do you want to have your phone’s messages, notifications on your Windows PC? What about mirroring your Note 10’s screen on your computer? Want to view your Galaxy Note 10’s images on your PC? Using the Link to Windows feature, all these things are possible. You need to install Your Phone App by Microsoft on your PC, to be able to seamlessly connect your Galaxy Note 10 to your Windows 10 PC. You must be signed in to your Microsoft account. From Link to Windows shortcut in the Quick Panel, you can easily enable this feature.

15. Enable Dynamic Lock Screen With Wallpaper Carousal


For those who enjoy automatically changing wallpapers from different categories on the lock screen of your device, this is a really cool feature. By changing the wallpapers from selected categories like landscape, life, food, pets, and art, the Dynamic Lock screen feature adds a refreshing look to your Galaxy Note 10’s lock screen. The wallpaper will be changed every time you lock your Galaxy Note 10 smartphone. Follow the instruction below to enable this feature.

  1. Open Settings then go to Display and tap Dynamic lock screen.
  2. You can also access the Dynamic Lock screen settings by swiping your Note 10’s lock screen from right to left.
  3. Now you will need to download the wallpaper packs from your favorite categories. Once the wallpaper packs are downloaded, you are all set to go.
  4. In case you don’t want a specific wallpaper to show on the lock screen, tap the 3-dot icon and select Hide this image option.

16. Brightness Control Bar in Quick Access


Usually, we need to swipe the Quick Settings panel all the way down to access the brightness adjustment slider. If you own a Samsung Galaxy device, you can move the brightness bar up to access it more quickly.

  1. Swipe down the Quick Panel.
  2. Tap the down arrow icon on the right side of the brightness adjustment bar and enable Show control on top option.

17. Screen Recording Like a Pro


You can record the happenings and activities of your smartphone’s screen in a very professional way on your Samsung Galaxy Note 10. After tapping the Screen recorder toggle in the Quick Settings panel you can easily start recording on a countdown of 3 seconds. The screen recorder Galaxy Note 10 has some pretty neat features that add a professional touch to it. You can screen record videos with system sound, record device sounds with mic enabled and you can also mute videos. Besides, you can add a selfie video and even write on the screen using the S Pen. Check out the screenshots.

18. How to Schedule Blue Light Filter


Undoubtedly Samsung Galaxy Note 10’s Dynamic AMOLED display is an amazing sight to look at. However, All day long looking at your phone’s screen may cause strain to your eyes. Enabling the blue light filter adds a yellowish tint to the display. It may also feel irritating if you use it all the time despite the fact that it soothes the eyes. That’s why scheduling it seems wiser.

  1. Open the Quick Settings panel.
  2. Tap and hold the Blue light filter icon.
  3. Enable Turn on as scheduled option.
  4. Then tap Custom schedule and set the start and end time.

19. Group Camera Photos With Tags


You’ll be always tempted to click a lot of pictures whenever possible, if are the owner of a smartphone which have awesome camera setup and generous internal storage. It can be a bit tiresome to scroll through your Gallery to find them all, if you want to see the pics involving a person, place, time or mood. The picture tagging feature on the Galaxy Note 10 creates collections of similar pictures based on OCR (optical character recognition) and the tags assigned by you. Just type the tag in the search box in the Gallery app, whenever you have to view those collections. Simple, isn’t it.

  1. To add tags to your pictures, open a picture in the Gallery.
  2. Swipe up the screen to see the details of the picture and tap the Edit option.
  3. Now tap the Edit Tags option and add your tags to the picture and save it.

20. Handwriting to Text Feature


There is a feature that magically converts your handwriting to text included among the new S Pen enhancements. You can export this text to some Word or PDF documents, after the conversion. Just open Samsung Notes and write anything using the S Pen. Then on the bottom bar, tap the Handwriting to text icon.

The Samsung Keyboard App has handwriting pad as well, where you can write anything with the S Pen. Then whatever you have typed, will be converted to text. By tapping the horizontal 3-dot icon on the Samsung Keyboard and selecting Handwriting, you can enable the handwriting tool.

Finally, here you have the 20 Best Tips & Tricks to customize your Samsung Galaxy Note Plus Smartphone. Yes there are plenty of more things which should have been mentioned here but to help you use your Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10 Plus more efficiently, we have only picked the most useful and interesting tips, tricks, features, and hacks. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series smartphones offers much more functionality then you think. These new flagship smartphones are without a doubt best choice for Android users.

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