Top 20 Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Apps Download in 2022

With the yesterdays announcement of Samsung Galaxy S10 series S10, S10E, S10 Plus & S10 5G, why not have a look at the top 20 best android apps? No doubt, the app ecosystem is the biggest strength of the Android phones so we thought to round up the top 20 best apps for the most recent & most awaited flagship series of 2020 from the South Korean Giant – Samsung Galaxy S10 series.

Top 20 Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Apps Download in 2020

Top 20 Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Apps Download in 2019

Scroll down to discover the best android apps for Samsung Galaxy S10 2020:

1. Apex Weather for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

If you are a fan of Apex launcher, you will definitely love this weather app. It is pretty well designed that comes with the features like:

  1. Basic weather forecast
  2. Weather Maps
  3. Weather alert notifications
  4. Weather widgets
  5. Accurate forecasts

Apex Weather
Apex Weather
Developer: Android Does Team
Price: Free+

2. Bouncer for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Although Samsung Galaxy S10 series features loads of security features, however, if you are a bit possessive for the security of your data, Bouncer is the best thing to add on your new Samsung Galaxy S10. The app features:

  1. Grant temporary permissions to apps
  2. Increased security
  3. Increased privacy
  4. Improved battery life

Bouncer - Temporary App Permissions
Bouncer - Temporary App Permissions

3. Netflix App for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

You surely want to get an advantage of the big HD screen of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Netflix is the best thing that will enhance your experience on the go. It features:

  1. Effortless video streaming
  2. Huge collection of movies and video shows
  3. Smooth performance
  4. HD videos
  5. Access to library, anytime, anywhere

Developer: Netflix, Inc.
Price: Free+

4. YouTube App for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

If you are a multimedia lover, YouTube is your savior. The key features of the YouTube app include:

  1. The sleek and intuitive user interface
  2. HD videos
  3. An easy and quick video exploring
  4. Connect and share
  5. Recommendations on personal browsing

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

5. Feedly App for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Want to stay up to date and that too on the go? Feedly has you covered. The app is the best news app that features:

  1. Organize, read and share information
  2. Unlimited sources of information
  3. Faster access to useful info
  4. Find your fav niche content
  5. Completely free and super easy to use

Feedly - Smarter News Reader
Feedly - Smarter News Reader
Developer: Feedly Team
Price: Free+

6. Spotify App for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Listen to music on the go, using this ultimate music streaming application. It is a fully featured app that comes with:

  1. The ability to listen to free music
  2. Free music anytime, anywhere
  3. Download music for offline listening
  4. Amazing sound quality
  5. Personalized recommendations

Spotify: Music and Podcasts
Spotify: Music and Podcasts
Developer: Spotify AB
Price: Free

7. Google Drive Suite App for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Safely store your files and data, directly from your applications including Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Photos and Google Keep. The key features of this app are:

  1. Easy sharing options
  2. Search files by name and content
  3. Safe access from anywhere
  4. View files offline
  5. Access pictures and videos from Google Photos

Google Drive
Google Drive
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free+

8. Nova Launcher App for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

If you want a launcher beyond a launcher, Nova is the thing you need. This launcher packs:

  1. Icon themes
  2. Subgrid positioning
  3. Color controls
  4. Customization of app drawers
  5. Infinite scroll and much more

Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher
Developer: TeslaCoil Software
Price: Free

9. Proton VPN App for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Want to enjoy internet without bandwidth restrictions? Proton VPN is the free application that provides access to anything all across the globe. It features:

  1. Advanced online security
  2. No logs
  3. No privacy invading ads
  4. No malware
  5. No bandwidth limits

ProtonVPN (Outdated) - See new app link below
ProtonVPN (Outdated) - See new app link below

10. Quik App for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Video editor is a must have application in a smartphone and Quik is the free of cost solution for ultimate video editing. It comes packed with:

  1. Quik video making using photos
  2. 23 incredible themes to choose from
  3. Tons of filters, fonts and graphics
  4. Lots of customizing options
  5. Easy saving and sharing options

11. Pocket Casts App for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Those who enjoy podcasts probably have the easiest decision in regards to which podcast app that should use. The answer is Pocket Casts. It features:

  1. Ultimate user interface
  2. Powerful playback
  3. Auto browse topics
  4. Smart tools for sync
  5. Auto download episodes for offline and much more.

Pocket Casts - Podcast Player
Pocket Casts - Podcast Player

12. Tick Tick App for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

TickTick is among the best to do list apps on Android. The app features:

  1. simple and effective to-do list
  2. easy task managing
  3. sync across all the devices
  4. to do list reminder
  5. sleek calendar
  6. handy widget

TickTick:To-do list & Tasks
TickTick:To-do list & Tasks
Developer: Appest Inc.
Price: Free+

13. Mozilla Firefox App for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

If you want private and fast browsing experience on your Samsung Galaxy S10, get Mozilla Firefox for Android. The app features:

  1. Smart browsing features
  2. Intelligent search options
  3. Next level privacy
  4. Synchronization across all devices
  5. Easy to use UI
  6. Add-ons for everything and much more

Firefox Fast & Private Browser
Firefox Fast & Private Browser
Developer: Mozilla
Price: Free

14. Zedge App for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Zedge is pretty much a one-stop-shop for things like wallpapers, ringtones, notification tones, and alarms. The app hosts a wide variety of features including:

  1. Customized wallpapers
  2. Premium content
  3. Millions of beautiful HD wallpapers
  4. Themed collections
  5. High quality audio and much more.

ZEDGE™ Wallpapers & Ringtones
ZEDGE™ Wallpapers & Ringtones
Developer: Zedge
Price: Free+

15. Swift Key App for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

If you want customized keyboard experience on your Samsung Galaxy S10, Swift Key is the go-to solution that offers:

  1. Best swipe keyboard
  2. Spell checker and auto text
  3. Emoji keyboard
  4. Custom keyboard
  5. Lingual keyboard

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard
Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard
Developer: SwiftKey
Price: Free

16. Photo Watermark App for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Photo watermark is designed for the purpose of adding watermarks to your photos. This app features incredible features like:

  1. Add watermarks to photos
  2. Different types of digital watermarks
  3. Camera feature
  4. Customization options
  5. Clone and edit watermarks and much more.

Photo Watermark
Photo Watermark
Developer: MVTrail Tech
Price: Free+

17. StoryZ Photo Motion & Cinemagraphy App for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

It is a photo editing application in two parts. It is simply more than a photo editor that features:

  1. Ability to create visual stories from still images
  2. Ripple mode to make your pictures move
  3. Overlay features for different layers
  4. Video overlay effects
  5. Blending overlay and much more.

18. IGTV App for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

It is an application like instagram that is more focused on long-form video content. It comes packed with features like:

  1. Tons of videos
  2. Browse videos based on your preferences
  3. Follow the creators just like Instagram
  4. Discover and send your fav videos to your friends and followers

19. LastPass Password Manager App for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

LastPass is one of those must-have Android apps. It comes packed with features including:

  1. Autofill passwords
  2. Secure information storage
  3. Incredible login options
  4. Secure password generation
  5. 1GB encrypted file storage.

LastPass Password Manager
LastPass Password Manager
Developer: LogMeIn, Inc.
Price: Free+

20. The Score App for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

If you are a sports lover, this app is for you. it features:

  1. Coverage of NBA, NCAAB, MLB, NFL, NHL, WNBA, PGA, MMA, Premier League soccer
  2. Personalized feed
  3. Live view of every game
  4. Chat and messaging feature
  5. Explore biggest social stories and much more.

Add these apps in your Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone and get most out of it! Make sure to check out Samsung Galaxy S10 Apps section to find out reviews of hundreds of useful android apps.

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